Fiesta’s new Color is Winning Hearts and Color Combinations

fiesta ware claret review

fiesta ware claret review

Earlier this year, Homer Laughlin released the brand new Fiesta Ware color of the year – Claret. The color met some resistance at first, but quickly has become a favorite to collectors as well as home users. The color is a step between plum and cinnabar, and is admittedly hard to catch the color when you’re taking pictures. Even on online listings the color varies slightly, which makes it a hard to peg color and one that you need to see in person.

fiesta ware claret reviewHomer Laughlin sent us one of their Large Bistro Bowls in Claret. The bowl holds up to 68 oz, and like their other bowls is completely dishwasher, oven, microwave and freezer safe. The large size of the bowl makes it perfect for hosting meals or even baking a casserole in for dinner one night.

fiesta ware claret reviewThe Claret color is gorgeous and pairs well with almost every other Fiesta has released. A change in one color to the next can make your dinner table go from bright and cheery with poppy and yellow, or a more sophisticated setting using slate and jade. The color is the perfect center piece for  a table, and the functionality of the bowl makes it a must have for your kitchen. With lead free glaze, your Fiesta serving bowl will last for years, and will become one of your favorites to set the table with.

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