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So I’ve been pretty quiet the last couple days. I did a weekend long show up in Waterford. The show was touch and go, depending on the weather. But I did end up making some money, so it wasn’t a total loss. Before I left for the show yesterday I had picked up my papers, and pulled out the inserts and the ads I wanted. I sat in the grass behind the tables and sorted the inserts. All the of them are neatly organized by page – but are still unclipped. I haven’t even really looked through the ads to work on match ups. I got home and picked up dinner – it was our anniversary and I was too tired to do much other than picking up dinner.
Now after a night of sleep I’m back to planning. I’m looking at that stack of coupons and my chopper with the thought “you are next on my list”. I will have chop soon if I have any hope of making lists before shopping day tomorrow!

Today I did one of my favorite things to save money – get my hair cut. Brand new style, color and highlights – all for under $30! You wonder how it’s possible – but it is. I have even gotten Jamie to get her hair done for the same price.

How? I volunteer to be a hair model. Now I know this isn’t the best option for everyone. The majority of the time as a hair model you do not have a choice of what your hair will look like in the end. The student or their instructor chooses the style for the week and the colors that will go best for you and the student’s experience. I had previously been a model for the same girl and they decided everything. I was asked this time to bring an idea. My idea was listened to, but my cut and color were not exactly what I had in mind. The salon we go to is in an affluent area which a trim would cost normally over $50.

If you are very particular about how your hair looks I wouldn’t suggest being a model for a hair student. I however, feel that variety is fun. Hair is hair – it will grow out if I don’t like it.

So how do you become a hair model?

Check to see if your area has an Aveda Institute. I did this all through college – last time I went in the cost was only $14 for a hair cut. You tell the student what you want and you get your hair cut. They also do massages, hair dyes, perms, manicures, pedicures, and waxing services too. The student does your request and then their instructor look it over to make sure it’s good work. You are encouraged NOT to tip the students.

Or call your local high end salons. Often after their basic training at the Aveda Institute or other hair schools students move onto an “internship” of sorts at a salon. Often they are looking for models and the students have a hard time finding someone, who will be ok with the cut of the week. (there were two students without models today at the salon). Their instructor will continuously check their progress and make sure that you have a professional cut, and color when you leave.

If you decide to become a hair model you have to keep two things in mind – you may not get the hair style you want and you must be patient. This isn’t Super Cuts or Borics – the students are learning and their instructor may look over the cut a lot.

I checked in with my girl at 9:30 this morning and ended up leaving at 1:30.  I scheduled the whole day towards this, and it pays off. At the end of the day my hair has gone from shoulder length and layered to a couple inches long crop. My hair has gone from medium brown with blonde highlights to a reddish tone with blonde tips. It’s quick and easy to wash and air dries quickly. It’s cute and funky – I just need to get use to the color!

In a normal salon this cut, color and highlights would have run me near $100. Since I was a hair model I only paid for the product, so $20, I left a few dollar tip and then paid for parking in the nearby ramp. I ended up getting it all under $30! The best part – I think I lost 5 lbs of hair :). It’s nice to have cute summer do!


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