Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2 – Can You Stay Healthy in an Unhealthy World? #FSND2

fat sick and nearly dead 2 review

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 Review

One thing that most people don’t know about me, is while I’m working in front of the computer I constantly have the TV on. It’s either cooking shows, or documentaries. It’s a gamble of what my boyfriend will find on the screen while I’m working. And while it may not be his favorite thing, I love watching food related documentaries. Earlier this year I vowed we’d eat less processed food – which is exactly what we’ve done. We haven’t reduced them

completely or to the level I’d like but we’re getting there. I put a lot of the blame on busy work schedules, our recent move and life in general.

A couple of years ago I stumbled on Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead on Netflix as I was working. It’s an eye opening documentary about juicing, something I’ve never considered doing until I watched the movie. Earlier this month I was invited to a special screening of it’s sequel Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2, and quickly found a sub to cover my class that night.

Unlike other movie screenings I’ve been to in the past, the theater wasn’t packed. Let’s face it, it’s a niche film and one that you have to be interested in seeing before you head to it. The title alone might scare off people who would be just seeing a movie to see it. In our viewing location in Sterling Heights, only about 20 people watched the movie on it’s premiere night. However it was being shown nation wide at several other locations.

Like the first movie, the sequel sticks with the same format that makes it easily to watch and enjoyable. Instead of having a doctor or an expert be a “talking head” in the corner of the screen and rambling on, the film is filled with real people, animations and even some goofy music (check out Vegetables by the Beach Boys). In the sequel you also revisit Phil, who became one of the faces of the juicing movement after the first film, and several others. It also evaluates how to make the changes in your life for long term health, and what a support system can do for you if you decide to make a change.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 isn’t your typical documentary, and makes you stop and think about how you’re fueling your body. For more information on Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 and to pre-order your copy for it’s November 18th visit their website.

With the release of the new movie, there are also new recipe books coming out by Joe Cross. I will be reviewing those shortly as well! Let’s see if we can get a little more juice in our lives, and a lot more vitamins!


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