Fashion Delightful Dollhouse – Fun and Great for Group Play! #Christmascountdown

Fashion Delight Dollhouse Review
Fashion Delightful Dollhouse Review
Growing up I was always in awe of a friend’s dollhouse. She had one that designed for a certain doll, that had to be redesigned later. But it had it’s flaws, the front only had the doors and windows, and you had to all sit on one side to play with the dolls. As a kid, it was still an amazing doll house, but was really good if only one child wanted to play with it.

We were sent a Fashion Delightful Dollhouse by American Plastic Toys to review, and I recruited my friend’s daughter Ella for the job. The Fashion Delightful Dollhouse is created especially for 11 inch fashion dolls, but that doesn’t mean they are the only dolls you can use in it – the possibilities are endless.

Fashion Delightful Dollhouse

When you order the Fashion Delightful Dollhouse it will come in one large box. You should have it sent to the final destination, or at least assemble it where it is going to stay permanently. It’s an easy assembly that parts that snap together and don’t require any tools! But once it’s together, the doll house is quite large, so you wont want to try to move it.

So, when I say the Fashion Delightful Dollhouse is large – I mean Large! Once assembled, it measures about 4′-6″ x 2′ x 4′. It will take up a sizable footprint, so plan accordingly. And if possible, make sure there is space on both sides of the dollhouse for kids to play – yes, both sides are open! This allows more than one kid to play with their toys in the dollhouse without excluding others. It’s great if there is more than one kid in the family and they all want to play together.

Fashion Delightful Dollhouse

You can really set up the dollhouse to your liking with rooms where you think they should go. There are six different configurations for your layout. And each set, comes with 25 accessories including furniture, bathroom fixtures and even a cell phone for your toys!

As Ella showed me around her Fashion Delightful Dollhouse, she was excited to show me what Winnie the Pooh and Strawberry Shortcake were up to in their new home. They hung out together around the fire, enjoyed a meal and Winnie even took a bath before climbing on the roof with several other Winnies!

One of my favorite things about the Fashion Delightful Dollhouse is how open and flexible the overall design is. Ella was able to play with her toys with her brother and there was plenty of space for interaction and fun. Don’t let the pink and purple scare you – boys will want to play with this too! But, probably my absolute favorite thing about the Fashion Delightful Dollhouse – it’s made right here in Michigan! American Plastic Toys is based in Walled Lake, so right here in the Metro Detroit area.

The Fashion Delight Dollhouse is for ages three and up, but really any child will have a lot of fun with it! You can find it at, Amazon (Available with Prime!, Hayneedle, Zulily, Wayfair,,

Check out some of the great accessories and features of the Fashion Delight Dollhouse below:

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