Fashion Advice for The Busy Dad

Fashion Advice for The Busy Dad

If you are too busy parenting to pay much attention to how you dress, now is the time to look down at your clothes and really scrutinize your appearance. Many dads let their fashion sense take a backseat, especially when working and learning how to be a father. If you are looking to improve your look, following this fashion advice will mean your wardrobe is fully stocked with plenty of go-to outfits.

Know Your Size

One of the simplest ways to look good in everything you own is by having clothing that actually fits. Take some time out of your busy schedule to look through your wardrobe and really be honest. Do your jeans still fit the way they used to? Do you have jumpers in there that drown you out? Having tailored items of clothing make all the difference and can make you feel a lot better about your appearance. 

Either start fresh or take your stuff to a dry cleaners or tailors who will happily fit them for you. Many men don’t enjoy shopping and will happily pick up the size they believe to be, but unfortunately, all brands aren’t made the same and if you haven’t shopped with a certain designer before, take the time to try things on. Dress for your body type and you will find a real difference in how your clothing fits and how good you look in your clothes. 

Statement Pieces Every Dad Should Own

There are a few statement pieces that any busy dad should own, which will instantly make an outfit look great:

  • The perfect pair of shoes: every man needs a great pair of shoes in their wardrobe that can be dressed up for meals out with the family and dressed down when taking the kids to the park. Sneakers are a versatile statement pair of shoes that work well with anything. Fendi sneakers take the classic sneaker look and turn them into a piece of artwork you can wear every day. If you want a pair of awesome shoes to look stylish wherever you go, check out SSENSE’s stock of Fendi sneakers
  • A great pair of jeans: if you love wearing jeans, investing in some good denim ensures you have a pair of pants that fit well, will last longer and look good. It is more worthwhile investing in a designer pair of jeans than constantly working your way through cheaper versions. Levis are a good place to start and going in-store allows you to get a fitting, so you can find jeans that accurately fit your waist and leg. 
  • Shirt: every dad has a unique style that can be brought out with the perfect shirt. If you want to dress for your personality and add a bit of flair to your outfit, there is a shirt out there for you. Whether you choose an oxford white shirt or a floral shirt, this teamed with your new jeans and sneakers makes for an effortless look. Once you have found a shirt style you like, consider finding a few similar shirts so you have a few dressing options. You can also wear shirts under sweaters for a classic layered look. 
  • Jacket: last but not least, have at least one signature jacket in your wardrobe to finish off any outfit. Find a designer jacket that works well with the outfits you already own and one you are happy to wear again and again. Trench coats are very popular with many men and provide a sophisticated look. Suit jackets can also work well with a shirt and jeans for a semi-relaxed look. 


Accessories aren’t just for women and the right accessories on a man can really pull an outfit together. A watch is a popular fixture for any man and will add an extra sense of style to your appearance. There are plenty of jewelry options out there for men, such as chains and stud earrings. If you enjoy a bit of bling, try adding a long chain to your favorite t-shirt and jacket look, to instantly make your outfit look complete. Remember not to overdo it here though, as if your outfit has too much going on, you won’t look good. 

Put Outfits Together

Once you have everything ready, put your outfits together on hangers to ensure you are ready to grab and go in the morning. Matching your outfits together makes it easier to see what goes well with what and which items you don’t use anymore. This way you can clear out old clothing to make way for new statement pieces. Whenever you buy new items, always consider what pieces you already own and if your new purchase will work well with your current clothes.  

Whilst being a parent may mean getting your children ready before yourself, this doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashionable dad. 

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