Motor City Comic Con 2016

Fandoms Unite at the 2016 Motor City Comic Con

This past weekend one of our favorite events of the year was at the Suburban Showcase in Novi – Motor City Comic Con. The three day event brings in guest from surrounding states and even in from Canada, where fans flock to meet their favorite media or comic celebrities. We visited this years Motor City Comic Con as media, and we were thrilled to enjoy the event, the energy and everything that comes with it.

Motor City Comic Con 2016This year’s Motor City Comic Con featured a large focus on the actors from the Walking Dead and other pop culture shows from the the 60’s on. With special guests like Adam West and Lena Headey, and special presentations like the Toyota Tacoma from Back to the Future the event had pretty much everything a fan could look for. But for us, it’s more about the other attendees at the event. People watching has to be one of my favorite parts of the event in general.

Motor City Comic Con 2016Motor City Comic Con is about being a fan, showing how much of a fan you are and finding kindred spirits. Fans always are dressed as their favorite characters, and you’ll see different levels of costumes from homemade to professional. This year, however, the kids in costumes stole the show for us. From the adorable Stay Puft Marshmallow boy, a tiny Bat girl and Super Girl, and even a tiny Yoda. While their outfits varied, their cuteness won the show.

Motor City Comic Con 2016Attendees of Motor City Comic Con can expect to find something that will fit their favorite fandom even if it is a small niche one. From Anime to the nostalgic, and even zombies, there’s  a product, story or someone dressed for your favorite genre. But the absolute best part about the event – you’re accepted for your fandom, and encouraged to show it proudly. You’ll see guests hugging other guests they haven’t met before because of their shared interest and chances are you’ll find a new friend or two. Take a day, or two, explore the event, sit in on a panel with the stars of your favorite show, go shopping and show your fandom (or learn about new ones) at Motor City Comic Con!

Visit their website or more information on Motor City Comic Con and future events.

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