FanBladeCleaner Makes an Annoying Task Easy!

fanbladecleaner review
FanBlade Cleaner Review
 I’m sure we could sit and list for hours the types of household chores we hate to do. For me top of the list would be cleaning the blades of the ceiling fan. It always seems to make more of a mess than just leaving the dust and pet hair on the blades. What does it hurt if they’re dusty forever?

FanBlade Cleaner Review

At our old house we had one ceiling fan that was in our dining room. I cleaned it once a year before holidays because I didn’t want the dust all over the food we’d serve our guests. But at our new house, we have two ceiling fans – and both are over the beds in the two main rooms in our house. The problem is I wake up and can see the dust lurking … every… day. But since dusting makes such a mess, I hadn’t touched it because I didn’t want to touch it and have to wash all of the bedding.

InventHelp sent me one of their new products to try out – it’s aptly named the FanBladeCleaner, because that’s exactly what it helps you do. An affordable solution that helps you clean away all of that yuck, mess and dust without making a huge mess. And let me tell you, in no time at all I had both fans clean!

FanBlade Cleaner Review

 We’ve only lived in this house for six months, and the fans were installed shortly before we moved in. But a few months of open windows in the summer + dust + cat hair .. they were already showing some dust and grime. I clean the house constantly, but people don’t really look up at the fan blades often – so I’m sure the dust was bothering me more than anyone else. But when I got up to start cleaning I found that the dust was more than just on the blades, but on the lights and everywhere. It needed cleaned now – and probably will be again before spring.
FanBlade Cleaner Review

FanBlade Cleaner Review

The FanBladeCleaner is like a giant sock that fits over your blade. You simply slide it on and use it to pull the dust off the blade. The design keeps all of the gross and dust inside the cleaner and you don’t get it everywhere. It was easy to see the difference immediately. After I cleaned the blades I actually used the outside to get the dust on the outside and lights as well.

Overall, to clean both ceiling fans took me 10 minutes. When I was done I just stood there for a minute – they looked brand new again! And to clean the FanBladeCleaner? I just tossed it in the wash with the towels – it’s ready to go for when I need to climb up on the bed and clean the fan again. I don’t know why this hasn’t been around for years, but it made a horrible chore for me so easy and quick, it’s not one I’ll dread each year.

FanBlade Cleaner Review



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