Family Game Night and Imagination Win with These New Card Games

Pocket Sized Card Game Review

Family game night just got a lot more fun with a bunch of fun games that are perfect for adventures right in your living room or to stuff stockings with! Trend Enterprises, Inc came up with some small games that will keep your kids entertained and laughing while they play. All of the games focus on things kids like, from trains, to Sasquatch, creepy lizards, aliens and more.

Pocket Sized Card Game Review

Each set comes in at $9.99 and has 63 cards included inside. With easy to learn games for kids over 6, the games last about a half hour each and are a perfect way to get away from the screen while they can play along. We love the options in these small card games that will have kids giggling as they play to pass the time.

sqWATCH Out!™ is a Three Corner™ card game that introduces Bigfoot and his evasive appearances to a new generation. Players as young as 8 years old will invest 45 minutes of strategic thinking to find the truth while out on a virtual hike. Be ready for a snap of a twig or a howl in the distance!

The youngest members of the crew, ages 4 years old and up, will delight in the Gnomes vs Trolls  card game. This simple yet clever adventure takes about 30 minutes as tricky trolls try to steal treasures from a group of nifty gnomes. Flip a card to find your fate – a gnome, a treasure or a troll.

Introduce children to the magic of travel by train with On Track™ . In this game, references to historical engines and terminals are exciting for enthusiasts and novices. The Three Corner™ card game is a race across a scenic landscape where players use strategy and planning to connect track cards from engine to terminal. Whoops! There’s a cow on the tracks. Fun, silliness and some serious competition await everyone at the kitchen table!

Three more games – enCOWnter™, Gemz! and Lava Lizards — are packaged as tabletop games that pack up easily into a compact, grab-and-go box.


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