Families Can Recover From Car Crash-Related Anxiety

Families Can Recover From Car Crash-Related Anxiety

Families involved in a car crash can experience chronic anxiety but doctors from the National Institute of Mental Health say, recovery is possible. Over 32,000 fatalities were recorded in 2013 leaving survivors devastated. The rate has gone down by 31% since but those who lost loved ones are still reeling from this unfortunate experience. Help is available, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. The organization has been guiding clinicians on how to help individuals deal with anxiety after a motor vehicle accident and continues to do its research to help families and individuals recover emotionally.

Emotional distress and post traumatic stress disorder

According to the National Center for PTSD, survivors of car accidents experience emotional distress. Shock, denial, or disbelief can plague families involved in a car crash and this is followed by a slew of other emotions and actions that can lead to a PTSD diagnosis. This includes extreme sadness, anger, mood swings, irritability, aggression, anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, and social withdrawal. While the National Institute of Mental Health notes that these feelings are normal and fade away eventually, it is acknowledged that treatment is necessary if symptoms persist. Possible treatments include psychotherapy, counseling, and medication. NIMH offers some good news. PTSD diagnosis among survivors of serious motor vehicle accidents is low, according to the institute and a majority of survivors can recover from the emotional turmoil.

If you believe that you are suffering from PTSD after an accident, you may want to look into finding a therapist that can help you get through the worst of it. Betterhelp.com provides different options depending on what you need and will help you find the best therapist for you, through their online questionnaire and evaluation. BetterHelp is a great resource if your trauma is recent or from years ago.

Insurance company woes and financial problems

Dealing with grief, physical and emotional trauma, and financial setbacks is never easy. On top of these, survivors still need to focus their energy on certain tasks such as contacting their insurer. Talking to the insurance company alone can be very complicated, according to a USA Today report, that’s why getting help in dealing with this situation is a good idea. Attorneys who are experts in auto injuries agree. Lawyers know that this is a difficult time for grieving family members and that communicating with an insurer can add to the stress. The fine print can be confusing and family members who choose to deal with this on their own often have a hard time getting the compensation they deserve. Letting lawyers negotiate the case with the insurer is a welcome relief from other worries that rest on the shoulders of survivors. This includes medical bills and lost wages among other financial problems.

Depression, grief, anxiety, and PTSD

Families who lost a loved one due to a traffic accident experience incredible sadness. According to psychotherapist Julia Samuel, grief is a universal experience and that it is not a problem that needs solving. However, during an interview with the New York Times, Samuel noted that a supportive culture can make things easier for those who are grieving. For chronic anxiety and depression, counseling is highly recommended by the National Institute of Mental Health. Counseling can also help family members cope with sadness and fear even if they did not develop a mental health problem due to the accident. While it is not easy to recover from this experience, the NIHM assures survivors that recovery will come in due time.

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