the boy who lived on pudding lane

Fall in Love with a Lost Holiday Classic – The Boy Who Lived in Pudding Lane

the boy who lived on pudding lane

Every year at the holidays we sit down and watch or listen to the same holiday stories. There are some books that we associate with Christmas and of course Santa Clause, but over the years some of the stories have been lost to time and others have taken their place. In the early 1920’s a Christmas book was published, The Boy Who Lived in Pudding Lane, which lost its presence and disappeared with time after its initial publication. It has been re-released with classic images that have been beautifully restored.

the boy who lived on pudding laneWe were sent a copy of The Boy Who Lived on Pudding Lane, and the book by Sarah Addington gives us the the first origin story of Santa Claus. As the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Claus, the book takes you through Santa’s years as a boy. Sarah Addington wrote the biography for the popular magazine, The Ladies’ Home Journal, to give the world its first Santa Claus origin story. McColl, however, re-released this treasure to serve as a fun holiday book that offers a glimpse into Santa’s history, but also as an act to empower, enlighten, and enchant readers to strengthen family bonds, unite communities, and regain compassion that has been missing – especially during the holidays!

The book is charming, and a fun spin on the story and characters we already know. You’ll be surprised at the appearance of Mother Goose and other childhood favorites in the book. The Boy Who Lived on Pudding Lane is a book that kids will love the story and you will love the new family tradition it brings to your holiday season. The classic story telling methods and beautiful illustrations that have been restored bring this almost 100 year old story to life and endears it to your heart.

Get a copy of The Boy Who Lived on Pudding Lane for your holiday books, and bring back this classic story back for generations to come.  Christmas Countdown Button

1 thought on “Fall in Love with a Lost Holiday Classic – The Boy Who Lived in Pudding Lane

  1. Thank you Becky for “falling in love” with this holiday classic – I did as well and it was great delight to
    put it back in print – the illustrations are gems and the story is fun for adults and kids – a family would enjoy
    reading this aloud I think.
    All the best for the holiday season ahead – Merry Christmas
    Grafton and Scratch – follow our page for the book on facebook – we post Christmas pictures and ideas
    all year long.

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