extended stay Midway Chicago review

Extended Stay – Making Traveling with Allergies Easier!

extended stay Midway Chicago reviewAnyone with food allergies knows it’s a pain, but if you’re traveling it’s even harder. Traveling any place that isn’t close to home requires more than just a comfortable bed to sleep in, but instead a plan on how you’re going to feed yourself or your family while on the go. In the past, I’ve had emotional melt downs worrying about where I was going to find food, or out of frustration after a few days of not having a decent meal while on the go.

extended stay Midway Chicago reviewBut food allergies don’t need to be at the top of your list of worries when you’re traveling – you can get the comfortable room to stay in and a room that you can actually cook your own food in. While I was in Chicago last month, Extended Stay let me stay in one of their King Suites, and after traveling for a few days a place to hang my hat and relax after our conference was exactly what I was looking for. The King Suite at the Extended Stay offered not only an extremely comfortable bed, but also a living room area, a sizable bathroom and a full kitchen for me to cook meals in. The room itself was the size of a small apartment, and actually reminded me of a college apartment I had years ago.

extended stay Midway Chicago reviewThe Extended Stay we were staying in was just down the road from Midway Airport in Chicago. While it was a tad out of the way for our conference, the drive into downtown wasn’t bad at all. But it’s location was perfect for hitting the store for fresh ingredients, getting gluten free pizza from Giodarnos and even several local restaurants (with free parking included) within a short distance. But we all know you can only eat a piece or two of Chicago Style pizza, so coming back to have a fridge in our room was an amazing perk. It allowed me to eat pizza left overs the rest of my stay.

extended stay Midway Chicago reviewBut after a few days of traveling, I begin to miss the luxury of home cooked meals. This is where staying at Extended Stay won me over the most. Not only did we have have a fridge to store ingredients, but we had also had plenty of counter space, cabinets, and gas burners to cook with. Knowing that not everyone travels with pots and pans, Extended Stay offers a tote full of kitchen basics like pans, plates, cups, flatware, a cutting board, drying rack and other things you may need. The bin comes stocked with enough for two people, but if you need more they have it available at the front desk. Our kitchen baskets was waiting in our room when we arrived our first day.

extended stay Midway Chicago reviewWhile the kit doesn’t come with everything I’m use to using at home, there are very few meals you can’t cook in a skillet and a sauce pan. And everything I brought to cook during my stay would easily work with the pots and pans included. I did bring a couple of my own in case (thank you Bulbhead brands for sending me a couple pans to work with – more on those soon!) But making hot sandwiches, pasta and more was a snap in the kitchen.

extended stay Midway Chicago reviewBesides having a touch of home and the ability to cook (which is an amazing budget saver too!) I loved having the ability to prepare meals I could eat anytime during my trip. I had plenty of space to keep my ingredients in the cabinets and in the fridge. But having a home cooked meal when I needed it after almost a week of traveling made our room a home away from home.

Being able to cook our own meals while traveling is a great selling feature for us and we’re glad that Extended Stay makes this easy. If you’re only staying for a couple days or even need a home away from home for a longer time period, Extended Stay is an excellent choice to stay within your budget and have the ability to cook the meals you and your family need


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