Exploring Our New Home Carnival Cruise’s Sunshine #CCLWinter

Carnival Cruise Sunshine
Carnival Cruise Sunshine
 Yesterday afternoon we boarded the Carnival Sunshine (formally the Destiny) and we’ve been enjoying making this ship our new home for the next week. The past few days wore us out, so we crashed early last night, but tonight we’re going to enjoy everything the ship has to offer.

Carnival Cruise Sunshine

It has been two years since we were on a Carnival cruise in the past. But I have to say, so far the Sunshine is out shining the Fantasy we were on in the past. Not only is the Sunshine larger (one of Carnival’s largest), but it was redone last year so everything is almost new. Our stateroom is larger – we even have a couch! And some of the worries from last time – like only one plug in our room to charge from, has been taken care of in the new design.Years ago, I said I would never take a cruise. I didn’t want to only explore an island or a country for 8 hours and be stuck on a boat. But our family took one two years ago and it changed everything I had though about cruising. We’re not stuck anywhere on a cruise – there is probably more to do on the ship in a week, that any one person could want/need to do. And the excursions on the trip give you a taste of the area you are in, which can open the gates to go back at a later date.

Carnival Cruise Sunshine

One of my favorite things about cruising – I never have to cook or clean! Our room has a dedicated staff, and dinner is made nightly by a chef. They completely accommodate my allergies and I can even put special requests for food to fit my diet as well. I’ll post a bit more about food later – you knew that was coming.Since Sunshine was redone last year, they’ve add some pretty awesome features. We’re still exploring the ship, but I will find out more information on all of it over the next few days to help fill you in.My favorite get away on my last trip was the Serenity deck, an adults only area to lounge and relax. It is quiet, relaxing and a great place to get a drink or enjoy a hot tub without the worry of being splashed.

Our whole family is on this trip – I think a group of 12 people. The Sunshine is so large, we’ve only seen a small group of them so far – but will see them at the Captain’s Dinner tonight!

We’re going to be floating for a while. Tomorrow is another Sea Day as we make our way to Montego Bay, Jamaica. I’ll be updating you more then – and I’ll be sending warm thoughts up your way. Our current location? Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico. Now off to the serenity deck for a while 🙂 I’ll catch you all tomorrow!

Check out some images from the Sunshine below:


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