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Explore the Titanic Museum – Filled with Artifacts, History and Stories #BloggingBranson

Titanic Museum Branson ReviewWe’ve all heard about the tragedy that happened to the Titanic in April of 1912. We learn about it briefly in school, there are countless documentaries and books about the sinking of the ship and what may have went wrong, as well as 1997 movie that glamorized the events of that night. And no matter what you read or watch, there is a bit of a disconnect a bit with the victims and survivors of the ship. Time seems to make it seem like a story of the past instead of an event that we can relate to. The tragedy of the Titanic is one that fascinates people and that each generation wants more information about. And if you’re visiting Branson, Missouri you can tour a museum that is not only modeled after the ill fated ship, but is filled with actual artifacts and provides visitors a unique experience you wont forget.

Titanic Museum Branson ReviewThe Titanic Museum experience in Branson is one of the largest collections of the Titanic artifacts in the world, and the collection puts it in a family friendly format. The purpose of the attraction is to feed the desire of the history buff, peak the interest of younger generations and tell the stories of both the victims and survivors that we often do not hear about. Throughout the museum there are over 400 different artifacts, from menus, deck chairs, china from the different decks and personal belongings of passengers.

We knew on our tour of the Titanic would be a bit emotional. But we didn’t expect to be handed a card with a real passenger’s information on it as we started our tour. It not only includes the name and age of the a passenger that actually boarded the Titanic, but also a bit of their back story. Through the tour you may find out a bit more about the passenger you received but you may not know their fate until the very end of the tour.

Titanic Museum Branson ReviewTouring the Titanic can be self guided, or you can have a guided tour if you schedule it ahead of time. Our tour guide came to work at the Titanic because of his fascination with the events that happened and the years of research he had done. A guided tour offers more depth to the experience because they are able to tell you more of the stories of the people that were on the ship the night it sank.

Your tour of the Titanic takes you through different areas of the museum that allows you to experience what passengers may have experienced over 100 years ago. From rooms recreated to show what first, second and third class accommodations would have been, to replicas of the life boats you can climb in. You’re able to climb up the deck at steep angles that the ship was at at different points of the night as it sunk, as well as stick your hand into 28 degree water like passengers were put into as the ship sank. Step on the deck and take your turn seeing if you can see the iceberg in your path. And walk up the recreation of the grand staircase when you move into the first class quarters.

Titanic Museum Branson ReviewSeeing the faces of actual passengers, hearing the stories and seeing their possessions brings the Titanic more to life than just watching a documentary one it. There are several rooms that will bring tears to your eyes. As you end your tour you’ll find the wall of passengers where you can learn the fate of the person who’s story you’ve been carrying through the museum. The next room has the Wall of Survivors that tells you what happened after the Titanic sank, and the lives they lived after.

Touring the Titanic is emotional and one that everyone should experience if you’re in the area.

Check out our experience in the Titanic Museum: 

Find out more about the Titanic museum in Branson and the different ways you can explore the ship and a bit of history.

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  1. One of my favorite things about this museum is the interactive exhibits like being able to dip your hand in the water.

  2. From the sounds of it, I definitely need to experience the Titanic Museum and I definitely need to bring plenty of tissues. This sounds like a beautiful tribute to those that were aboard and a fantastic way to learn abut what really happened. #BloggingBranson

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