Experience Old Vegas in a New Ways at the Fremont Street Experience

The Fremont Street Experience Vegas Review

Its the Vegas of the movies, the one we’ve seen unfold on TV and in movies. And while the Las Vegas of the past filled with the crooning singers is long gone there is a place you can still experience a taste of it – Fremont Street.

The Fremont Street Experience takes some of the oldest Casinos that are still operational, wraps them in a large LED screen covered canopy and has breathed new life in the area. The area between many of the casinos has been closed off to traffic and only allows pedestrian traffic now and invites them to explore an area that can only exist in Vegas.

A visit to the Fremont Street Experience can be a quick trip for dinner, or hitting up tourist shops. But the real experience is on the walkway between casinos and stores. With street performers, Chip and Dale dancers, zip lining and a lot more. Sit on an outside patio and enjoy a drink and watch as people get their wedding photos taken while others are playing the drums only feet away.

Fremont Street is still home to several of the older casinos who large Neon signs are still lit up and even a Vegas Vic cowboy neon sits at one end of the experience. The area is open all day every day, but the whole area comes to life as soon as the sun starts to set. With performers in every one of the marked circles, and signs lit up as you walk through. Be sure to take the time to watch the light show in the canopy as others zip by from above.


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