Experience Local Every Day at Your Local Kroger

michigan products at Kroger

As we turn into a more global society there is a push to focus more on the local. Help the smaller businesses within your community so that they can thrive. Locally sourced foods often are better for you nutritionally and smaller companies are usually too small for their own store front. So if you want to shop local, where do you even start to find new products to try and to support those local businesses?

michigan products at KrogerLast month I was invited to an event at one of our local Kroger stores to try out over 41 different local products they keep in store. All sourced from throughout Michigan, the companies ranged from tortilla chips, salsa, cake and ice cream to locally sourced honey. All from small cottage industry companies that help support small businesses and families. With fresh small batch items, to frozen goods that you’d normally have to head to a restaurant for, the variety of Michigan made products is vast and one that you have to experience yourself.

How can you find the products throughout the store? Check for the tags on the shelf! They will be marked Pure Michigan or Michigan Made. Certain stores will have Experience Michigan displays showing up soon, with a variety of different products for you to try. For more information, check out your local Kroger store to find great new products to try.


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