Experience Life Like Lincoln and Other Pioneers

Lincoln Pioneer Village Rockport, Indiana

Have you ever wondered what it was like being one of the first settlers and early residents in our country? We often hear about the log cabins and the tools they used, but don’t actually get to experience them.

If you are visiting the Rockport area of Indiana, be sure to swing by the Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum. A living historical site that helps you not only understand what it was like to be a pioneer in the area, but experience just a bit of what Abraham Lincoln did growing up in the area.

Lincoln Pioneer Village Rockport, Indiana

Walk through cabins depicting life 200 years ago as Lincoln would have lived it. Visit the museum on the grounds with displays of military artifacts, clothing, utensils, spinning wheels and a rare rocker beater loom still in use today. You can see the hutch handmade by Abraham Lincoln with the help of his father Thomas.

Wander the grounds on your own or take a guided tour and learn about all of the buildings at the Pioneer Village and the families that would have lived in them. Each of the cabins has been lovingly restored to what the original owners would have lived in, although the use of some modern materials may have been used in order to preserve them longer. After your tour, go in and explore the museum filled with historical artifacts as well as a look at local history as well.

Lincoln Pioneer Village Rockport, Indiana

A visit to the Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum allows you to not only get a first hand look at how hard it was to be a pioneer, but gives you a better perspective at one of our first Presidents and how he was raised. The Lincoln Pioneer Village and Museum is available to visit and tour for a small fee, but the site also offers interactive days like Pioneer Days and Fall Heritage days as well as a holiday display where the buildings are decorated in traditional fashion and you are able to tour.


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