Jambo Book Club Review

Expand your Library and Literacy with Jambo

Reading is fundamental. It’s a simple statement, but something that a lot of people forget after they leave school. Reading helps open our eyes to new worlds and to different cultures – and in our family, it’s something that is encouraged at any age.

So when we were asked if we wanted to check out Jambo – we were excited. Jambo is a book subscription service that you can set up for your kids at any age. With subscription boxes set up from ages 0-2 up to preteen – the topics and the ages vary, but are carefully curated for children to explore different books and to encourage a love of reading. But that’s not even the best part about Jambo – they have a goal to amplify minority writers in their boxes, and to help diversify the type of books that all readers read.

Jambo Book Club Review

When we got our first Jambo box, we opened it expecting to find teen fiction or something perfect for the pre-teen age group. And while we weren’t completely wrong, we were pleasantly surprised to find books that the whole family will love reading. The boxes came in the middle of the fall and inside we found books about the Paranormal and ghosts – something that is not only right up our alley – but not what we expected. The books not only helped get us in the spirit of the season, but were ones we never have heard of or seen, and were happily shared around the family.

We love the variety of age groups and options that Jambo offers different readers and age levels. We’ve never considered doing a book subscription box before, but our first experience with Jambo was so pleasant – it’s definitely something we will be trying again!

Find out more about Jambo, their subscription boxes and the different types of books you can find on their website. While the boxes sent now wont arrive in time for the holiday season, reading is a gift that they will appreciate for years to come.

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