Exclusive Cabbage Patch Dolls for the Holiday Season

Exclusive Holiday Cabbage Patch Kids

Exclusive Holiday Cabbage Patch KidsWhen Cabbage Patch Kids first were released they were the IT item of the year. I remember stores were sold out and our parents had to ask family out of state to get some for us. We still have our Cabbage Patch Kids and we’re happy to add new ones to our family even today. And this holiday season Cabbage Patch Kids have released new limited release dolls for the holiday season. Limited to only 1,000 pieces of each style, these kids are a dream to collect.  Exclusive Holiday Cabbage Patch KidsNow 18 inches tall with a soft torso and vinyl arms and legs, Cabbage Patch Kids are growing up and aspiring to do great things! Each is dressed in deluxe removable fashions with matching themed accessories that showcase their own unique style and personality.

New for 2016, Zoe Sky and Eden Joelle will be joining their friends Sophia Lorraine and Violet Anne who were introduced for the 2015 holiday. Each 18” Big Kid is an extremely limited edition and will be retired after a short production run. The new dolls are on sale right now on Amazon, and are a steal for the CPK lovers in your family!



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