Every day is Earth Day with Nature Cat: Onward and Pondward

nature cat onward + pondward review

nature cat onward + pondward review

Grab your bags, it’s time to head outside with Nature Cat and get some fresh air. The fun new series from PBS is getting kids excited about going outside, exploring and learning more about nature! Nature Cat: Onward and Pondward comes with seven episodes that will help inspire a love for nature, the need to get outside and play and the desire to explore.

Onward and Pondward helps kids learn more about the world surrounding them, and the adventures they can have in their own back yard. With fun adventures, a lot of laughs and even better – a focus on the environment and how kids can help out keeping the plant safe, green and clean. Remember every day can be Earth day and Nature Cat will help inspire the little nature lover in your home!

Nature Cat: Onward and Pondward is available everywhere now! It has a run time of 80 minutes and is rated TV-Y.

About Nature Cat: Onward and Pondward: 

PBS Distribution announced the first DVD from the popular PBS KIDS series, NATURE CAT“NATURE CAT: ONWARD AND PONDWARD!” With the help of his animal friends, Nature Cat embarks on seven action-packed adventures full of nature investigation, “aha” discovery moments and humor, all while inspiring children ages 3-8 to go outside and explore the outdoors. The series features the vocal talents of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE veterans Taran Killam (Nature Cat), Kate McKinnon (Squeeks), Bobby Moynihan (Hal), Chris Parnell and Kenan Thompson, along with actress Kate Micucci (Daisy).

In “NATURE CAT: ONWARD AND PONDWARD!” children follow Fred, a house cat who dreams of exploring the great outdoors. Once his family leaves for the day, Fred transforms into Nature Cat “a backyard explorer extraordinaire!”

Episodes Include:

  • “Welcome to Vernal Pond” While playing in the woods, Nature Cat and his pals come across Fern, a spotted salamander who just so happens to be pregnant, and ready to have her babies! But she needs help getting to the safest spot in the woods to have her babies, the vernal pond. Nature Cat knows these woods like the back of his hand and he has never heard of or seen the vernal pond. Fern cannot wait to show them why!
  • “Puddle Pool Party” Squeeks is so excited because today she has invited her pals to a puddle in the woods for a Puddle Pool Party! Arriving in the woods with their bathing suits on and pool toys at the ready, the gang finds a big problem, the puddle is gone! Squeeks is heartbroken, she really had her mind set on a puddle pool party. Where did the puddle go?
  • “Stream and Shout” Nature Cat goes to his Nature Curiosity List for inspiration, and finds number 73: “Where do streams begin?” This seemingly simple question leads the gang on an action-packed adventure, as they follow the stream uphill, exploring new environments and meeting all sorts of friendly critters. When they finally find out where the stream begins they are whoa-ho-ho amazed!
  • “Swamp Thing” Daisy is determined to find out once and for all if the legendary creature, Swamp Thing, is real or not. Squeeks, Hal, Daisy and a terrified Nature Cat head out to the swamp to investigate the sights, sounds and smells to get actual proof if Swamp Thing really exists. Yikes!
  • “There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills” Squeeks accidentally finds a small nugget of gold in the park stream, but then she inadvertently loses it! To make her feel better, Nature Cat ventures back to the stream to do all he can to try and find another piece of gold for Squeeks.
  • “Earth Day Today” It’s Earth Day today! Hooray! To celebrate, Nature Cat, Squeeks, Daisy and Hal go on a nature hike over to Butterfly Hills. But they don’t get too far because they keep running into plastic bags blowing in the wind. Upon closer inspection, they see these plastic bags come from a local supermarket, so Nature Cat calls for a change in Earth Day plans. Now they will celebrate Earth Day by alerting the supermarket of their plastic bag problem!
  • “Earth Day Every Day” With an earth-friendly alternative in place for the supermarket plastic bag problem, Nature Cat and his pals look to get back to their Earth Day hike celebration but are once again side-tracked. This time it’s by a plastic bottle floating in a stream. Trying to get this one plastic bottle out of nature and into a recycling can takes them on a perilous, action-packed journey through the waterways, ending up in the ocean where they see more plastic waste! But it’s also where they learn that Earth Day is every day.


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