Essentials for Your First Kitchen

Essentials for Your First Kitchen

Setting up your first kitchen is a huge deal and you want to be certain that you do what you can in order to get the results that you want. You are going to be using your kitchen a lot, but if you don’t have the right tools, you’ll find the process to be quite frustrating in the long run.

If you want to be certain that your first kitchen is going to be ready to go, then you want to be sure that you take some time and get the right supplies. Here are some of the things that we think are essential for anyone’s first kitchen. 

1. High Quality Chef’s Knife 

A good chef’s knife is always going to be a great option when you want to be sure that you are able to cut and slice as best as possible. They cost a bit of cash, but they’re worth that investment. 

Some people will get an entire knife block. That works too, but be sure that one of those knives is a chef’s knife. They stay sharp, last a long time, and make it really easy for you to prepare all sorts of food. 

2. Quality, Useful Towels 

Towels are not just a decoration choice. You want to be sure that they are versatile and that you can use in order to keep your kitchen in top condition.  How can people buy so many fancy linens that don’t dry a drop? I highly recommend flour sack towels, which do clean up spills, and (when dry) function as excellent pot holders. 

3. Cast Iron Skillet 

If you want to know that your food is always coming out delicious, then a cast iron skillet is the way to go. They are also a pricey addition to your home – but they are well worth that extra cost! Your food will never taste better. 

Read up on them before you start using one, however. There are some fairly specific ways to use them and care for them, and you want to adhere to that as best as you can while you get that perfect seasoning setup. 

4. Hot Pads or Trivets 

Hot pads and trivets make it easier to serve food. They protect all of your surfaces from damage and make it easier for you to transfer food from one location to another. Find trivets with fun designs and make sure that they are made from the best materials, as well. 

5. Tongs

If you ask most people what they always wish they had in their kitchens, they’re quite likely to list tongs. Tongs have a lot of versatility and they can be really useful when you’re trying to pick things up or turn them over. Plus, if you have a grill outside, they get even more use! 

6. Silicone Utensils 

Silicone utensils are another item that you’re going to want to have on hand in your kitchen. Why silicone? They last longer and are much easier to clean than pretty much any other type of material that you may be working with. They look good and they’re nonstick, so you can also use them while you’re cooking, if necessary. 

7. Two Cutting Boards

Most people know that they are going to need at least one cutting board in their kitchen. But, many times, it’s going to be a lot easier to take care of everything that you’re cutting if you have two of them available.

You never want to cross-contaminate your meat with the vegetables that you are cutting on the cutting board. You can always wash in between – but that is just time you’d end up wasting while prepping your food. Instead, you want to have two cutting boards, each of which has its own purpose. It’ll make things a lot simpler. 

8. Pots and Pans 

Obviously, you’re going to need different sized pots and pans in order to be able to take care of different types of meals that you’re going to cook. At the very least, you want two pots (one large, one small) and a pan. That way, you’ve got some versatility in how you do things and how much you’re cooking at one time. 

Do some research and see what products you like the best. In many cases, you’ll have plenty of choices and you’ll feel pretty good about what it is that you’re doing. Seek out the best products and be smart about what you keep in your home. In the long run, that’s going to be what helps you to stay ahead the most. 

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