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Essential Tools in Your Kitchen

Kitchen essentials

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I think you may have figured that out if you look at the recipe tab on my site. And I’m not going to lie, there are certain kitchen items and tools I love more than others. I have everything from egg slicers, fancy blenders, movable islands and even a nice collection of knives. Could I do everything in my kitchen with less of these? Probably. But would I want to? Absolutely not!

Kitchen essentials

So what is the most essential tool in my kitchen? I actually have two answers to that questions. One is pretty simple – it’s my knives. After taking a knife skills class, making good use of nice sharp knives making my kitchen time move so much faster. I’m always chopping, dicing, slicing fresh ingredients.

A close second to my knives is a very low tech solution. Rubber bands! They’re free off of the mail, produce etc, super easy to use and well always hanging on the knobs of my cupboards. I’m a bit.. deficient in “easy open packaging”. It doesn’t matter how easy it is for the designers, but I can never get them to open properly. I tear the bags, cut them open and usually make a mess. But what do you do with a half used bag that wont reseal? Grab a rubber band of course! It’s a simple solution to many kitchen issues.

What is your kitchen “go to” item?

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