Escape from Mogadishu Brings an Unlikely Partnership to the Screen

Escape from Mogadishu Review

Most Americans are familiar with the story of Black Hawk Down and the tactical failure that shaped how our military currently works. But what many don’t know is the story of what happened to others on the ground in Somalia during the uprising.

South Korean filmmakers and Go USA Entertainment are bringing Ryoo Seung-wan’s acclaimed action-drama to US audiences on the digital release. The film is based on the true story of South and North Korean diplomats who joined forces to escape the 1990s Somali civil war, and an unlikely partnership that had to be formed.

Trapped in a country in the middle of a civil war, and cut off from all communication and support foreign diplomats and their families are stuck behind enemy lines. When there is no other choice, the North Korean diplomats turn to their sworn enemies to help them out. With tensions on both sides high, the movie highlights the stereotypes that both sides have been taught about each other. It also brings to life the unlikely friendships and bonds that were formed and had to be concealed to protect each other after they were extracted.

Since the movie is based around a moment in the war, expect a lot of violence, explosions bloody scenes. But what we didn’t expect were moments of heart and compassion. The movie addresses the issues that are still ongoing between the two nations of North Korea and South Korea but normalizes and humanizes the two cultures and shows that common ground can be made between them.

The topic isn’t an easy one to watch unfold on the screen but is an important story that should be shared with more audiences. We often only get to see one side of a story, and Escape from Mogadishu helps bring another important part of the story to more audiences.

Escape from Mogadishu is available everywhere on Digital HD. The film will be South Korea’s submission for the 94th Academy Awards—Best International Feature Film.

Overall Rating:

Four Star Review

About Escape from Mogadishu:

Dramatically constructed based on a true story: as civil war rages in Mogadishu, rival North and South Korean diplomats are left trapped. With no aid from either government, their only shot at survival may require uniting with bitter adversaries to escape.


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