Entertain Them with Science with a Zero Blaster

zero blaster review

zero blaster reviewIf you have kids that love science, there is a good chance they’ve seen some of the science shows that produce the smoke rings and vortexes that fascinate even adults. But making a home rig safely can be harder to do for younger kids, that is until now. Instead of making your own vortex blaster, you can just order one that not only is safe but can shoot those smoke rings 14 feet away.

The Zero Blaster shoots rings that are 2-4″ of air vapor with their special liquid. Each time you play it’s like a science experiment they can do easily. They can twist the ring to adjust the size of their vapor ring. Imagine they’re fighting aliens, or just capturing someone in their ray gun, the Zero Blaster is a lot of fun for kids of all ages. We love that Zero Blaster comes with a starter liquid so you don’t have to buy anything else and it’s ready to go right out of the box.

The liquid included is non-toxic, and it creates fog rings that wont hurt like those darts do when they’re shot at you. It’s fun, easy to use and a fun way to introduce science into their play time.

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