Enter the Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

power Rangers galaxy review

power Rangers galaxy reviewAlthough it may not seem like it, Power Rangers are just as popular with today’s kids as they were when I was kid – if not more so! Goonie is a huge fan of Power Rangers, and was extremely excited when he received the Power Ranger’s Lost Galaxy complete series to review! The set was released by Shout Factory earlier this year, and contains all 45 episodes from the show, which is over 15 hours of Power Rangers fun!

Your favorite power rangers are back for this two season series to battle insect like villains Scorpius and Trakeena who want to take over the space ship Terra Venture. Terra Venture is a spacecraft that not only carries thousands of people to settle a new world, but also plants, mountains and cities to help settle a new world! The Power Rangers are there to protect the the ship as they come from different walks of lives, and together become the Galaxy Rangers!

The complete series of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy is available in a 5 DVD set on Amazon today. It has a total run time of 900 minutes. It’s not just one season – it’s the complete series in one set – Power Ranger fans celebrate!



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