Entenmann’s French Toast Soft’ees Bring Maple Syrup to your Donuts

Entenmann’s French Toast Soft’ees Review

Entenmann’s French Toast Soft’ees ReviewThere’s just something about the smell of certain breakfast foods that wake you up and get you moving in the morning. French toast is one of those smells for me, and does it ever get your stomach growling! So when I got a surprise box of Entenmann’s French Toast Soft’ees to test out, I opened the box and the delicious smell told me I needed to have one. But we know there’s a problem with that right? I couldn’t have them, due to my allergies – so I grumbled and handed the box to my boyfriend to try out and enjoy.

Entenmann’s French Toast Soft’ees come in three flavors, plain, cinnamon sugar and powdered sugar and are so new they just hit stores this week! They have the classic flavors you’d expect but have the maple syrup infused into the donuts. The first time you open the box, you’re hit with the smell of french toast and maple syrup and the flavor goes through the donuts as well.

So the review – I’m pretty sure they were a hit! I got up the next morning and half of the box was gone! Not only were they a nice treat, but a great option for breakfast on the go. The only thing I wish they had were a gluten free option so I could enjoy them as well!

Entenmann’s had a little fun with their new French Toast Soft’ees, and you can find a recipe for a breakfast sandwich you can make with yours below. You can find them in stores near you for a limited time!

French Toast Soft'ees recipe



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