Enjoying Our Yard and Staying Sun Safe with Goddess Garden #Goddessgarden

Goddess Garden Review

Goddess Garden ReviewAlthough our week started off gray and drab, right now, we’re happily enjoying more and more time in our yard. And as everything begins to bloom – it means we have the perfect opportunity to test out the Goddess Garden sun screen I was sent to review.

Goddess Garden Review

Last week, I mentioned I was eager to try the spray version of the Goddess Garden sun screen. Until this week I had been using primarily the lotion versions to prepare for my time outside. But when your hands are covered in dirt from re-potting your seedlings, or planting your new flowers, slathering on lotion isn’t always the most convenient. Instead, you end up with dirt mixed in and all over you as you reapply the lotion.

Goddess Garden ReviewThis is the best time to use the spray bottle lotion. Not only does it apply or reapply your lotion quickly but it does so evenly. The spray mist actually has a large spray cone, so it will cover a larger bit of skin at the same time. The only time that became a problem was when shooting a picture of the lotion – beware over spray on your electronics and lenses! One of my favorite things about the the spray lotion is I can toss it in my bag, and with the twist lock on the lid, I don’t need to worry about it spraying in my bag.

Goddess Garden ReviewEvery Garden Goddess sun screen I was sent to test out is chemical free. But that doesn’t mean it wont protect us from the sun. Remember that there are a lot of natural sun protecting plants in nature. And Goddess Garden Organics takes advantage of that.

Probably my favorite thing about the products I’ve been testing this past month, except of course they’re all natural, is the fact that each one is SPF 30. With my fair skin, this is the minimum I’d look for when picking up sun screen, and there are a lot of people who believe that’s even lotions marked higher work at the same level. So with natural products, and not smelling like a pina colada, I can stay protected from the sun as I work in the yard this year.

apple blossomsIf you want to learn more about Goddess Garden check out their website, or keep an eye out for their upcoming Facebook party! I’m heading back out to work in the yard some – the apple trees are blossoming and our veggie starters are almost ready to go in the ground. Springs in full bloom here, and we’re loving every moment of sun we can thanks to Goddess Garden!

I have been provided products and/or compensation for my posts from Mamavation and Goddess Garden Organics. All reviews, opinions are my own! 



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