Enjoy the flavor of the Holidays with new Flavors from Bee K’onscious

bee konscious holiday flavor reveiw

Honey is a pantry staple in almost every household. And while not everyone is lucky enough to their own hive in the back yard, so buying honey is usually something on everyone’s list. But the honey you grab at the grocery store may not be honey and actually – do you know where it actually comes from?

A lot of commercial honey is either a honey blend, or a combination of honey and corn syrup. It may not be something you even notice until you have pure honey that hasn’t been messed with. And local honeys actually pick up a lot of flavors from the plants the bees harvest their nectar from.

Because of the unique flavors, this gives companies likes Bee K’onscious the access to to different flavors from different regions. And this holiday season you can get Christmas Berry and Mint flavored honey, that get their flavors naturally from the local plants in the area, not artificial flavoring. They are the perfect addition to your holiday recipes and teas this holiday season.

bee konscious holiday flavor reveiw

Want to learn more about where your honey comes from? Bee K’onscious actually allows you to trace exactly where your honey comes from. They have partnered with TagOne, a provider of blockchain technology for the natural products industry. Providing customers the ability to fully trace all of their products ensures transparency and the confidence that their products are 100% pure, non-blended honey. Bee K’onscious is the first and only honey company that is using math as well as science to verify the authenticity of their honey.

To order the holiday flavors or the other varieties of Bee K’onscious Artisanal Honey visit their website. Not only can you find out more about the different varieties but the different growers that they work with to get the honey sourced from the best sources.


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