Trudeau Herb Saver Review

Enjoy Garden Fresh Herbs Longer with a Trudeau Herb Saver

Trudeau Herb Saver ReviewOne of the first things that started growing in our garden was the herb section. It quickly started over flowing, and I had to harvest the fresh herbs quickly and use some. But with a healthy garden, we’ve been given a lot more than we can enjoy in one sitting, and while we could dry the herbs to use later – there’s no denying that fresh herbs add an extra oomph to any dish. But keeping herbs fresh after you cut them is hard to do, unless you have a place to store them. Trudeau has created an easy to use Herb Saver so you can save your fresh herbs to have on hand for whatever you’re whipping up in the kitchen.

Trudeau Herb Saver ReviewTrudeau sent me an Herb Saver to try in my kitchen and to try to keep up with the herbs in our garden. The easy to use Herb Saver only requires that you add water, and doesn’t have a power source or need anything extra. Right out of the box, the Herb Saver is easy to use and almost self explanatory.

Trudeau Herb Saver ReviewWhen you remove the Herb Saver from the box you will notice that there are two main pieces: the base with the water level indicator, and the clear chamber with the metal base. To use the Herb Saver, first you need to add water to the base, but only to the indicated line. Over filling your Herb Saver could lead to too much water in the unit, and soggy herbs, that wont last long. Once you have filled the water reservoir (which only takes about a quarter cup of water), it’s time to add your herbs. Simply place them in the chamber with their stems down and then twist the chamber to close it. The chamber will move down as you turn it and place the stems of the herbs near the water. The closed chamber will also keep the herbs away from other smells and items while it’s in your refrigerator.

Trudeau Herb Saver ReviewThe Herb Saver is slightly larger than a water bottle and fits easily in the door of your fridge or on the shelf. In the fridge, your herbs will stay fresh for up to two weeks – this is a lot better than the one or two days in water on your counter!

While I love how long the Herb Saver keeps my herbs fresh, there is one thing I would change about the Herb Saver – I’d make it bigger! There isn’t a ton of space in the chamber, and when using it with larger leafed herbs, they tend to get caught as you turn the chamber to close it. A larger chamber would allow for storage of more herbs as well. But with that being said – the Herb Saver has extended the life of my herbs after I pick them! Between herbs, it’s easy to wash the plastic base and chamber if it needs it by quickly separating the two parts and washing in a warm soapy water. The Herb Saver’s shape also makes it ideal for storing fresh asparagus!

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