Enjoy Date Night with Dine n’ View at Emagine Theaters

Emagine Theater Dine n' View Review

Emagine Theater Dine n' View ReviewDate night is getting easier thanks to Emagine Royal Oak. If you’re like me, you’re always running between home and work and finding time to go have dinner and a nice night out is hard to do. But now, Emagine Royal Oak is offering Dine n’ View in theater 10, and taking the stress out out of a fun night out.

Emagine Theater Dine n' View ReviewWe’ve been fans of Emagine Royal Oak for a while with the variety the theater location offers. Just outside of downtown Royal Oak there is a dedicated parking ramp (where parking is validated with a Emagine card – which is free!), a bar where you can relax before the show and even bowling lanes inside so you can bring the whole family. But for private events, you can book private rooms and private bowling lanes upstairs to make your movie experience fun and unique.

Emagine Theater Dine n' View ReviewBut even having been to Emagine Royal Oak in the past, we’ve never experienced Dine n’ View before, but had seen the trays around at the concession stand. When you first walk into the theater the Dine n’ View seats are the first several rows and trays are waiting with a menu. Not only can you order anything that you would get at the concession stand, but appetizers, meals and even mixed drinks. There is no additional charge for Dine n’ View movies, other than the cost of your food of course, but the convenience is amazing. No more waiting in the concession stand line and missing the opening of the movie!

Emagine Theater Dine n' View ReviewWe were treated to a throw back experience with Dine n’ View and a night with Jurassic Park and dinner. Once you’re ready to order your meal (or snacks) each tray has a blinking light that lets your server know you’re ready to order. This isn’t just for the beginning of the show, but any time during the show as well.  The serving staff is waiting to help you throughout the whole show for refills, snacks or anything you want at all.

Emagine Theater Dine n' View ReviewWith an extensive menu, it was hard to not get a treat and something that was almost classic – nachos! I ordered cotton candy ( a weakness whenever it is available), and they had run out – however, Emagine Royal Oak fired up their machine and made fresh cotton candy for us. Nothing is better than fresh, warm cotton candy. Don’t worry if you have food allergies – Emagine Royal Oak has that under control as well. If you have a dietary restriction just let them know and they will make you a custom meal. We asked about gluten free options and they can make grilled chicken meals with vegetables or even salads. If you need low or no salt – just let them know, and the kitchen staff will take care of you.

We absolutely loved seeing Jurassic Park back on the big screen – really, where that movie should be. And Emagine Royal Oak offers Dine n’ View for throw back movies and new releases as well. But probably the best part of the night was the stress free date night we were given that was combined with great service of the staff from Emagine.

For more information on Dine n’ View check out Emagine Royal Oak’s website. Be sure to arrive about 30 minutes early to get your seats and food before the movie starts!


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