RSVP Intl Endurance Whisk Keychain

Endurance Whisk Key Chains – Perfect for the Foodie in Your Life

RSVP Intl Endurance Whisk KeychainThere is a huge Foodie trend, and people are showing the world they love food and everything about it more and more. As more people get in the kitchen, they’re looking for more fun ways to express their love of cooking, and some may be doing it a little more subtlety than others. You may not be the type who wants to wear a snarky shirt with some catchy foodie phrase on it, instead you might be looking for a fun and that could actually be functional.

RSVP Intl Endurance Whisk KeychainThat’s actually exactly what the Endurance key chain Whisk by RSVP Intl is, it’s fun, quirky and could actually be used! I was sent a box of them to share with my foodie friends as well as review. Inside the box were a bunch of 3 1/2 inch long mini whisks – all made out of stainless steel like their larger counterparts. All of the mini whisks came with a key chain ring attachment which makes connecting them to your keys quick and easy.

RSVP Intl Endurance Whisk KeychainThe key chains are adorable – there’s no doubting that, but the best part – you COULD use them. Now, the chances of you needing a 3 1/2 inch mini whisk? Probably very limited. But if you needed to you could use it in a pinch. Wash it off and dry it like a full size whisk and you’re good to go.

The only fear I’d have using it, would be possibly getting food on my keys or all over my hands. Instead, I like the fact that the whisk is adorable, affordable and super light weight. I wont have anyone yelling that it’s weighing down my keys in my ignition. It’s also a great way to show that I love to cook, and a fun gift for yourself or your foodie friends. And it’s stainless steel construction – means it’s going to last a long time and continue to look good.

Need a fun gift idea for your foodie friends? You can find the Endurance Whisk key chain on Amazon for under $5!

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