belightful butterfly feeder review

Encourage Winged Visitors to Your Garden with a Butterfly Oasis

belightful butterfly feeder review

Like every other gardener, my garden is my oasis. The place I can put my hands in the dirt, tune out the world and watch nature take place around me. This year, our garden got a special addition in a Belightful Butterfly Oasis to help encourage more native pollinators and of course butterflies. Belightful sent us one of their Butterfly Oasis to put out back, and I immediately hung it near in one of our pear trees near the patio.

belightful butterfly feeder reviewThe Belightful Butterfly Oasis is made by a Finnish start up company with nature in mind. Using organic shapes and sinuous curves, the Butterfly Oasis is unique is shape and stands out on its own without even being placed in the garden. With your Belightful Butterfly Oasis you’ll get a starter package of food and the large sponge that it soaks into. You can even get a refill package of the food so you can keep bringing back more butterflies to your space. While the design is simple, the holes around the exterior of the Butterfly Oasis is the perfect side for butterflies to come up and get some nectar before flying off on their way.

belightful butterfly feeder reviewThis year has been a great year for our garden – while we may not have the rain we need and didn’t get the high temperatures until well after we we were suppose to – I was able to see many more bees, butterflies and pollinators than I have in past years. From swallowtails to my favorite monarchs they have been making a come back and visiting our plants and our yard.

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get any pictures of our winged visitors on the Butterfly Oasis, but the had to have come because the food was gone in no time! We love encouraging local butterflies to visit, and we’ll continue to do so by keeping the Butterfly Oasis out as long as the weather holds.

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