Encourage Spatial Growth with the Brain Builder Peg Set

haba brain builder peg set review

haba brain builder peg set reviewOne of my favorite types of toys are wooden toys, they last for generations, are low tech and often have an educational component. Some of my favorite memories were playing with the block set at my great grandparent’s house and creating houses and towns out of the blocks. Children learn through play, and that’s why HABA created their Brain Builder Peg Set. The Brain Builder Peg Set is for children ages two to six, but you will find older kids playing with it as well. We were sent a Brain Builder Peg Set for Goonie to play with, and since he’s already spatially minded and artistic – it was a lot of fun for him.

haba brain builder peg set reviewWhen you first open the Brain Builder Peg Set all of the wooden pieces are carefully wrapped in tissue paper. Each block and peg is painted carefully, and this will ensure your pieces are in perfect shape and no paint is chipped. You will find 18 different pegs, shapes and blocks as well as a set of 20 game cards to help challenge your child. The cards are two sided, one with the challenge for them to build, the other shows how to build the set. There are three different levels of games and difficulty, but your child can be creative and build their own creations with this fun set as well.

The HABA Brain Builder Peg Set is a lot of fun to play with, and helps children with cognitive development, cause and effect and creativity. Unlike standard block sets, the unusual shapes included in the box can create some challenges you wouldn’t expect for small hands – but once they figure out how to maneuver the pieces you’ll see them light up and enjoy building and creating with this colorful and fun set. You can find the HABA Brain Builder Peg Set exclusively on the HABA website and in select retailers.

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