Encourage Imaginative Play with a Deluxe Beauty Salon Playset

American Plastic toys Deluxe Beauty Salon Review

American Plastic toys Deluxe Beauty Salon Review

When I was really little, I wanted nothing more to have a fancy vanity area to do my makeup. Mind you, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, or really didn’t have any – but the desire to be a princess and to have my own space was there. I did end up with a beautiful vanity set in my bedroom growing up, but other than some Minnie Mouse perfume, I’m pretty sure makeup didn’t enter the picture for quite a few more years.

American Plastic toys Deluxe Beauty Salon ReviewThis year, we were sent a Deluxe Beauty Salon play set from American Plastic Toys, which is a perfect solution for the little divas in your life that you don’t quite want to have real makeup yet. The set is made entirely in Michigan and comes in one large box – there is some assembly required, but no tools are necessary. The vanity set comes with a mirrored vanity sink, a stool to set on and 10 different accessories to primp and get ready for the day. From a fake cell phone, makeup, blow dryer and more this set has everything a little fashionista needs to get ready.

While the Deluxe Beauty Salon is completely made of plastic, it has a feature that a lot of it’s competitors doesn’t – an actual lighted mirror! In the top of the heart shaped mirror are 6 LED bulbs that run on two AAA batteries. Just a quick push of the button on top of the mirror and the bulbs light up to provide more lighting and to add to this fun set. The Deluxe Beauty Salon is perfect for kids around 3-5 years old, and is fun for imaginative play for dress up and more.

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