Encourage Early Learning with Wooden Games from Orange Pieces

orange pieces games review

orange pieces games review

Wooden games and toys seem to be a thing of the past, with plastic toys dominating the market. But there’s something nostalgic and tactile about wooden games that take them to a whole new level. Not only do they last longer, but they use different motor skills as your kids play them and will last for generations to come. This year, we were sent a vareity of wooden games for all ages from Orange Pieces.

Orange Pieces is based out of Australia and creates games that will help engage your family and create a good time while they are learning at the same time. With games for younger learners and ones for the whole family – they make each set with learning in mind. We were sent both their Wood Peg Puzzle Sets and their Hookey Ring Toss Game.

orange pieces games reviewThe Wooden Peg Puzzles are prefect for small hands with large pegs to grab and pieces that fit back into their spots when placed properly. Each letter and number is cute in the shape of the letter so they will only fit in that space. This is the perfect way to encourage the growth of hand eye coordination and to help toddlers and young children learn their letters, numbers and shapes as they play. The quality is good and the games will last a long time, but the set of 3 puzzles is under $20 so it’s a great steal and gift idea for any little learners on your list this year!

orange pieces games reviewFor older kids (and adults too) Orange Pieces created Hookey Ring Toss Game. It’s not a ring toss you put in the yard, instead you hang it on the wall once you place the hooks on the board and toss rubber rings at the board to get the most points. The game is compact, one you can take with you on the go and the softer rings means it’s something you can actually play inside! Who can race and see if they can get to 101 points the fastest while you’re playing? At only $30 the game is a fun one for the holidays, for the patio parties you’re planning in the warmer months and of course for family game night.

Create new memories with some great wooden games and use them for generations to come. We can’t wait to see what else Orange Pieces brings out as they continue to grow in the toy and game market!

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