Encourage Charitable Giving with the Bizainy Charity Bake Sale Kit! #Christmascountdown

Bizany Charity Bake Sale Review
Bizany Bake Sale Review
Our family has always encouraged us to be involved in our community and to give whenever we can. It’s something that has always been something important, and a value we like to pass onto Goonie and continue doing it through example. While charitable giving might be a hard concept for some children to grasp, and that’s why Bizainy came up with their Charity Bake Sale Kit. They sent Goonie his own set to try out and see if Charitable giving was something he wanted to try out on his own.
Bizany Bake Sale ReviewThe Bizainy Charity Bake Sale Kit comes with everything your child might need to start their own bake sale. Goonie loves to bake and cook so we thought this might be fun for him to try. The kit has everything you would need to start your own bake sale to raise money. It includes a 24 page booklet with business plans and ideas to get started, a receipt book, I Donated stickers, Signs, Banners and more. You can even find a few recipes to get started!

The kit is adorable, branded with a cute baking owl and has what anyone from age 5-105 might need to get started with a small charity. With everything included, and a little help in the kitchen from Mom, Goonie will be able to start his own charity bake sale this year. It’s a great way to raise money for good causes, or to give back during the holidays.

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