Emoticat Stickers are Hilarious and Fun

Emoticat Stickers Review

Emoticat Stickers ReviewSometimes it’s hard to say what you mean – and that’s why it’s a lot easier to use emoticons. Combining the internet’s love for emoticons and cats, Ulysses Press has released a fun book called Emoticat Stickers: 200 Ways to Say It with Kitties. This small book is filled with adorable cats that you can use for just about any situation.

Emoticat Stickers ReviewWe were sent a copy of Emoticat Stickers to play with – and I instantly fell in love with the book. As you flip through the pages you see cats making different faces that you can apply to letters, or wherever you want to stick them. Each one has a description of what the cat’s face is suppose to depict. The 20 page book is full of funny cats that anyone is going to love. The only thing I wish the book did different was the words could be attached to the stickers, because once the face is removed someone may not know what the Emoticat stands for. That being said, regular emoticons don’t have a description on them so they are similar to what you’d expect to use in your texts or favorite chat program.

You can find Emoticat Stickers at bookstores and on Amazon, they’re perfect for the cat lover in your life as well as a fun stocking stuffer! Tell everyone how you really feel with some fun cats and kittens!


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