Emerald Fantasy Wall Hanging from Novica Empowers and Uplifts

novica emerald fantasy wall hanging review

novica emerald fantasy wall hanging reviewWhen we order things for our home, we like them to be unique and to have a story behind them. That’s not to say we don’t have generic items throughout the house as well, but if it’s something we are displaying, we love having something we can tell people about. When Novica gave me a $50 gift card to their site to find something to review, it was hard to not over buy – because the items on the site not only fit our style but what we were looking for. I finally settled on a wall hanging from India and couldn’t be happier when it arrived.

novica emerald fantasy wall hanging reviewAll of the items on the Novica website are made from different artists around the world and could vary slightly from what you end up ordering. Keep in mind as you fill up your cart that every item could be made in different countries and may ship separately from each other. We fell in love with so many items on the Novica site, but eventually settled on the Emerald Fantasy Wall Hanging from India. The wall hanging did not come with a hanging bar, so I did have to buy that separately – little did I know the one I ordered from another site would not only be perfect but actually match the motifs within the tapestry we ordered!

novica emerald fantasy wall hanging reviewThe Emerald Fantasy Wall Hanging is created by an artist named Meena and a few workers outside of Delhi. The wall hanging is created with cut pieces of sari garments and stitched back together with gold and bronze zari threads, floral embroidery covers an applique transforming them into a regal Gujrati wall hanging. The resulting piece is stunning and when I first opened the package I stepped back and said “wow” for a few minutes. It’s beyond what I had expected and hangs beautifully on the wall we selected for it.

novica emerald fantasy wall hanging reviewPackaged into with our wall hanging was a small booklet with Meena’s story as well as a thank you post card from the Novica India office. It was a nice personal touch for the item that we instantly fell in love with. Besides having a beautiful wall hanging we can tell the back story with, the purchase of the wall hanging is helping grow Meena’s business and help support her family. As an added bonus for me, the item is also considered upcycled since it reuses old clothing garments to make the final piece.

It’s easy to fall in love with several items on the Novica website, and knowing that each purchase helps build a small business on the other side of the world makes it easier to accessories your life, or buy that extra piece of jewelry.


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