Emagine Novi Opens the Largest Screen in Michigan – Step Into the Super EMAX #Emagine

Super emax novi review

Movie going experiences have changed a lot in the last few years, including going from flat floors to stadium seating and now to reserved cinema recliners. But movie goers at Emagine Novi get to experience something that few in the state of Michigan have before – the largest screen in the state! Earlier today Emagine Novi opened their new Super EMAX theater with an official ribbon cutting ceremony.

Super emax novi reviewThe size of the Super EMAX screen measures 92 feet by 48 feet and just walking into the theater is an experience on its own. With a large screen that dominates the room, and rows of recliners nestled between “cuddle couches” where families can sit and watch the movie together. While the the overall theater size seems overwhelming watching a movie in the space you can be fully engrossed in the movie and there isn’t a bad seat in the house.

Super emax novi reviewAfter the morning ribbon cutting ceremony, the Super EMAX held it’s first viewing for guests of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With 64 Channel Dolby Atmos sound, your seats rumble with the action and you are fully immersed in the show. Comfortable seating, an amazing screen and sound – guests wont want their next movie in the Super EMAX.

Special engagement adult Super EMAX tickets will be priced at $11.00 for matinees and $15.00 for shows starting after 6:00 p.m.  Non-special engagement adult tickets to Emagine Novi’s Super EMAX auditorium will be priced at $8.00 and $12.00 for matinee and evening shows, respectively. Tickets are available at www.emagine-entertainment.com, at in-theatre lobby kiosks, the box office, and on Emagine’s Smartphone app.

About the Super EMAX Screen:

Emagine’s Super EMAX was created by combining two smaller auditoriums and expanding the overall building footprint.  The screen itself, measuring 92 feet wide by over 48 feet tall, will be the largest movie screen in the State of Michigan and only comparable nationwide to the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX® in Hollywood.  With the opening of its Super EMAX, Emagine is proud to introduce another innovation to the Michigan market: ultra-bright crisp Christie® 4K RGB laser imagery.  It will be paired with a 64-channel Dolby Atmos® immersive audio system and further enhanced with a QSC Core 110f, a multipurpose software-based digital audio signal processor that delivers the benefits of QSC’s Q-SYS solution.  Used in conjunction with QSC’s DPA-Q Series amplifiers and SR Series surround loudspeakers, the Core 110f provides bass management for low frequency content in all of the Dolby Atmos® surround channels.  Bass management combines the low frequency sound content that is directed to the surround speakers and sends it instead to special surround subwoofers.  The Core 110f also provides Intrinsic Correction™, which is special QSC laboratory-derived sound processing that guarantees optimal performance from any QSC loudspeaker.  The combination of the aforementioned technology should create the most awe-inspiring movie experience in the Midwest.  Emagine’s Super EMAX will feature 300 luxury reclining chairs with a special front row of cuddle chairs, another innovation designed by Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Glantz.


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