Egg Babies are Hatching New Friends

egg babies review

egg babies review
Kids absolutely love surprises, and when there is a toy involved it’s even better. While the trend is to have tiny surprise blind bags, they aren’t always the best for small children. Larger surprise eggs came onto the market this year, and this year one of the best ones for young kids is here – Egg Babies.

egg babies reviewWicked Cool Toys sent us some of the series 1 Egg Babies to check out. Inside every large 6″ egg is one of six different stuffed animals. None contain small parts, and are perfect for cuddling. Each of the eggs is made out of colorful foam egg that has one seam holding it together. We thought the seam was the quickest way to open the egg, but the seam was too strong and we found that it was easier to “crack” the egg through it’s side. Once you’re in the egg, you will find your Egg Baby in a plastic bag so they don’t get “egg shell” on them.

egg babies reviewThere are five different Egg Babies and one surprise one, each with it’s own personality. Turtellini is a colorful turtle who’s outgoing, caring and livens up the party. She’s a true gift to those around her! Bubble Gum is a fluffy pink bunny full of confidence. She is a natural leader, has a true rock and roll spirit and loves to express herself through music. Hamlet is a cheeky and mischievous pig. He can sometimes be found stirring up trouble but don’t worry, he’s sweet enough to clean up his mess. Kiwi is a true extrovert. This fun-loving chick loves to be in the spotlight. Kiwi can usually be found center stage as lead singer of the band, Deviled Eggs. Patches is an energetic and determined puppy. egg babies reviewHe knows good sportsmanship and is more important than the final score. Snowflake is a sweet and loveable kitty cat. She makes new friends wherever she goes. Her cheerful personality is truly infectious.

Egg Babies are a lot of fun and a great addition to surprise toys. The high quality stuffed animal inside is so cute and one that your kids will love to play with long after they crack into the egg. Egg Babies don’t require batteries at all, and are a great gifts for younger kids (just be sure to remove the plastic bag for them!)

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