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ebags weekender review
TLS Weekender

Now it’s been a long time since I went backpack shopping. I think I put the one I used through college in a closet and “upgraded” to a more professional laptop bag for when I have meetings. Working more and more from home, these bags don’t often leave the house either.

As we were planning our trip up north, the need for a backpacking bag became apparent. eBags was nice enough to send me their Mother Lode TLS Weekender Backpacking Bag to review – but I’m going to say right now – it’s much more than a backpack!

If you look at the link for the bag, it shows you it holds a lap top (my 17 inch wide screen slides in and has room to spare!). It shows you it can be used as a backpack, and it shows you some of the pockets it has. But it doesn’t show you nearly everything this bag does.

Yes, it has a laptop sleeve – they’re actually design in house by eBags! It fits large laptops. There is a zipper behind it to stash your backpack straps – yes, that’s right – it’s more than a back pack. The bag also features a handle on top and on the front (you can see it at the bottom of the image). It also has a shoulder strap you can put on. The bag goes from a backpack, to a laptop bag to luggage in one quick change.It features pockets – a lot of pockets. Even small pockets that I’m not exactly sure what would go there. One has a water guard as well, so if you’ve got important tech equipment and bad weather it will be protected. It has pockets – oh my- and dividers for all of your stuff. You could use the bag for school, photography equipment, tech goodies, travel and so much more.

When we first got the bag I of course was happy it was Red – what a great color! We were both happy with how sturdy the construction of the bag was. Even compared to my laptop backpack from years ago, that cost a pretty penny, the zippers were stronger as well as the stitching. And the whole bag empty weighs under 4 lbs!

For our trip we used the Mother Lode bag as our tech bag. We piled in any batteries and chargers we would need, my travel laptop, the car ac inverter, the power block, flash lights, head lamps and more. We also added in sunscreen and aloe for good measure. It was our go-to bag for anything we might need in the tent as well as on the road. We always had the “red bag” with us.

I loved being able to have everything I needed in one place – it was organized throughout the bag so we could easily find what we needed. The amount of pockets made it easy to sort our things by use. And the overall weight of the items didn’t seem as bad spread out throughout the bag.

We still are using the bag, and it’s actually going to turn into my travel bag and photography bag. The bag features enough spaces for me to separate out the play from professional so everything I need for a trip can fit in one bag. And for the price – I wouldn’t recommend any other bag for it!

eBags is giving one of my lucky readers a Mother Lode TLS Weekender Bag. The possibilities are endless with this bag – so make sure you enter to win! Looking for other great bag options? Check out Spire USA.

How can you win?
Enter to win with the Rafflecopter form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what you would do with the bag. If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment!

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  1. I would use this for when we go hiking. I have 3 kids and one is a diabetic so we have to take quite a bit of stuff for her blood sugars. With all the pockets this would work out great.

  2. I would you this for trips home.Or when my husband goes away for work, he could take this and not my girly suit cases! Haha!
    Thanks for the chance!

  3. I would give this to my son, he’s in his 3rd yr of college, and he’s still using his backpack that he had as a high school freshman.

  4. WOw, That looks like an awesome bag. Since I carry everything in my purse from bandaids & Excedrin to tooth picks & safety pins, I just might use it for a purse !! Looks like it could be used for many many things !

  5. I would use the bag on my work commute. It’s about a 30 minute walk, which I like to do in nice weather. Having a backpack to put everything in would spread the weight across your shoulders making for a much more comfortable walk!

  6. I use my laptop at the gym, so this looks like the perfect bag for that. I can fit my laptop and accessories as well as my gym clothes!

  7. I would use this bag for school, I have been working towards my degree for awhile and my bag is wearing out. My books will fall out soon. This would be a great win.

  8. I would use it as a diaper bag. Maybe my husband wouldn’t mind carrying a more manly looking bag! Perfect for long trips with the laptop!

  9. I have almost a two hour commute via the transit system and I would use it for my commute. I carry my lunch, books and knitting projects. This bag would be perfect!

  10. With a bag this versatile, we could use it for vacation trips (for water, snacks, passports, and first aid supplies), sleepovers, school…in short, everywhere!

  11. I would use this bag for weekend trips to the cottage and s hort golf trips. Heck, I’d probably use it for all my travel trips!

  12. I would either give to my daughter who is in college for criminal justice or use it for mine and my 8 sisters take our sister trips when we dont have alot of room for big suit cases

  13. This has been the absolutely best backpack for traveling. I only do carryon and I have been gone for 3 weeks using it. Now I need one for other family members. It’s also great for taking too much school work home each night. I’d love to give one to my daughter to make it easier for her to bring home too much work at night.

  14. Thats hard one– this weekend it would be perfect for our campout– ad then next weekend is Womens retreat–perfect again– the 16-19th is Family camp– perfect– then taking the kids to swim lessons–perfect– Well just everyday life in general it seems

  15. This bag would be perfect for trips to visit my family in the GA mountains. I can use the pockets to stuff it with diaper, wipes, an extra outfit or two… along with some juice boxes/snacks and my laptop!

  16. My son would love this for his Senior year of High School. I have shopped with ebags for several years now and can attest that they produce a product that with stands others. Week99er love your facebook posts and thank you for continuing to share all your wonderful tips, recipes, coupons, etc… I look forward to checking your website daily. Kudos to you!!!

  17. Since I seem to live out of my truck I would probably use for work related items w/ regularly needed daily items in another section.


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