Easy Spooky Halloween Treats with Urban Accents Mixes

urban accent halloween products

urban accent halloween products

Having a Halloween get together means candy, treats and a lot of other things. Some take a lot of time and effort, but they don’t have to. We were sent a variety of different Halloween food and drink mixes from Urban Accents to make our fall get together easy to set up as well as delicious.

urban accent halloween productsOur Halloween Urban Accent mixes included their Scary Salted Apple Kit, Grim Apple Drink Mix, Demon Dust sweet black rimming sugar and the Black and Spooky Candy Apple Kit. Besides the fun Halloween themed names, the first thing I absolutely love about the mixes is all are gluten free. I don’t have to worry about possibly getting sick with using the mixes, and you just add a a handful of ingredients you already have on hand to make a fantastic treat – and a heck of a presentation.

urban accent halloween productsThere’s a monthly game night that I always prepare snacks for, and this month was so easy with the Urban Accents. With all of the options to work with, I was excited to try the Black and Spooky Candy Apple Kit. Besides the fun luck of the apples with the black candy wrap, paired with a bright green tart granny smith apple they look like the perfect poison apple for any Halloween party. The mix is easy to make just adding some light corn syrup and water, and cooking until it reaches a hard crack stage. The candy coating makes your house smell like cinnamon spices, and it’s quiet delicious. I did notice as they set up the candy had some bubbles in the side – which actually made the candy apples look a bit more creepy.

urban accent halloween productsThe more traditional caramel apple is cranked up a notch with the Scary Salted Caramel Apple kit as well. Again, you just add in corn syrup, heavy cream, butter and water. It seemed to take a bit longer for my caramel to brown up than I’m use to, but I don’t think making caramel apples has ever been so easy. Before this weekend, I’m not sure I ever made caramel apples at home – I’ve always just bought them. But wit a kit this easy – I could make a ton of them in no time. The only problem we had with the caramel was it set so quickly we actually didn’t have time to get the salt to stick the apples. If you want them to be salted caramel apples, do the caramel apple coating one by one then sprinkle the salt on them.

urban accent halloween productsThe final treats for the night was actually the Grim Green Apple Punch with the Demon Dust on glasses. We kept it alcohol free, so for the punch all I had to do was add in apple juice. It makes it a fun creepy green color and it makes it a bit tart and even without alcohol a fun punch for guests of all ages. The Demon Dust is traditional sugar for rimming drink glasses, but in a spooky black color for the holiday. It’s a sweet kick to add to the tart punch and if it begins to run at all your drink glass will be coated in black lines that only add to the decoration.

urban accent halloween productsEvery kit from Urban Accents was easy to use, came with instructions and a list of anything you have to add to complete the recipe. Every kit is part of a small batch recipe, meaning the ingredients aren’t deluded so they can guarantee that your recipes will come out right. You don’t have to be a kitchen genius or super star to make fabulous recipes and treats your guests will love – Urban Accents does the hard part, you just finish the rest and take all of the credit!

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