Easy Paper Pumpkins Crafts for Kids!

DIY Paper Pumpkins
Paper Pumpkin Crafts
This is a very exciting time of year for kids of all ages. Halloween, Christmas and more. As each holiday gets closer it’s more and more the excitement builds. Sometimes you have to do some fun crafts to keep the kids busy. I actually had some of my students do this a s a quick project to work on their knife skills. You can do this with little kids with kid scissors to make fun pumpkins.

Paper Pumpkin Crafts

What you need:

  • Paper of your color choice! Pumpkins can be any color or paper type you want!
  • Pipe Cleaner – Green for a traditional stem , or any other color you want.
  • Green paper – if you want a green leaf, again it can be any color you want.
  • Scissors
  • A Hole Punch


Paper Pumpkin Crafts

How to make your pumpkins: 

  1. Cut your paper in about 1 inch strips. You will need 12-20 (or more) to make a full pumpkin.
  2. Punch holes in both ends of your paper strips.
  3. Create a hook out of your pipe cleaner and put all of your paper strips on the pumpkin (just at one end).
  4. About 3 inches into your pipe cleaner bend it so there is a small Z shape. This will make it so your paper strips sit on top.
  5. Loop your paper strips up and place the other hole over top of the pipe cleaner. Repeat until all of your paper strips are on there.
  6. Cut out a leaf shape of your green leaf paper (or whatever color you selected).
  7. Curl the remaining pipe cleaner on the top of the to look like a curl. Flatten the pipe cleaner on the bottom so the pumpkin will sit flat.
  8. Fan out your paper strips to form a round shape.

That’s all it takes! It’s simple, it’s easy and fun for little ones too! Make some quick and cheap pumpkins that can decorate your house (without the seeds and guts!)


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