The Easiest Way to Turn an Old Speaker into a Bluetooth Speaker

Kinivo btr200 review

Kinivo btr200 reviewLike many people, we have technology in our home that is now considered out dated. At our old house we had a stereo system with surround sound set up. But as technology began to advance we opted for smaller speakers that connected to our phones with a quick set up. That left our larger speakers with rich sound sitting and collecting dust. We never set up our speakers in our new home because we didn’t have anything we could find that would make it easy to use our phones and other devices to play music through them. Now we do, thanks to Kinivo saving the day! They sent me a BTR200 Digital HD Bluetooth Audio Receiver, and the pint sized device fixed all of our audio woes.

Kinivo btr200 reviewWhile the BTR200 looks unassuming the little receiver packs a big punch. It actually comes with everything you need to hook it up to your older devices packed inside the box including the auxiliary cables your old speaker system will recognize. The BTR200 will need to be plugged into work, so be sure to keep another outlet available for it.

Kinivo btr200 reviewInside the packaging are the instructions to set up your BTR200, once it’s connected to your component system the next step is to set up your phone or mobile device to the system. Just tap your phone and pair with NFC and you can instantly stream your MP3s, audio and more.

One of the things that the new wireless technology brings to the table is the flexibility and range of the connection. We want to be able connect anywhere, and have the sound and music we love from anywhere in our house and even our patio. As of right now we haven’t found a place in the house that we lose connection or even from our back yard. The Kinivo BTR200 reached well over the 30 feet that most devices claim and we’re now able to utilize the older stereo system and equipment that we love – which means louder and richer sound quality.


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