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dropcam review


This summer while I was running around from blogging conference to conference I met a lot of companies along the way. Some products I fell in love with, others just impressed me to no end. One product that did both is made by Dropcam, it’s not just a regular webcam or meant for making a vlog. Dropcam sent me one of their cameras to review, and I have to say it was just in time.

Right after the Dropcam came in we were heading out the door to go on our camping trip for a week. We have had some issues with the renters next door. While one of our neighbors always keeps an eye on our house, we can’t always trust they will be home. While we were

gone we were able to log on through our smart phone and check on our house and make sure nothing was bad was going on. There was an added benefit we could check on our cats and even talk to them if we needed to. It was fantastic to be able to check in on our “furr babies” while we were out and enjoying nature.

There are so many features we love about the Dropcam. Dropcams have a 107 degree range of view, so you can get our full room in the view and we can check on everything we want while we’re gone. I can get alerts on my mobile app when something moves or is out of ordinary. While I have the mobile app up on my phone I can use the “Talk” feature and it will come out of the speaker on the receiving end. We can talk to the cats, or I can talk to my boyfriend through the camera while I’m away from the house. The night vision on the camera is amazing. It is as clear of a view as the day time camera and you can see everything in the view crystal clear. And the sound – well you can find out about that below!

For obvious reasons I didn’t save off a video where you can see a lot of stuff in our house. Instead I decided to save a small clip of our cats at 9 pm. Their automatic feeder gives them food at 9 pm sharp every night, and it doesn’t matter what they are doing, or if they’re in mid-cuddle they will bolt for the food. I had hoped to catch that for the clip. Instead I found three other things:

  1. The sound on the camera is amazing, it picked up the end of our tv show on the other side of the house. I noticed while we were camping that I could hear our neighbors fighting next door (welcome to my daily work day)
  2. The cats are pigs – look at that mess by the food bowls!
  3. All my years of encouraging Godiva to be nice and “sharing is caring” has paid off, she lets our old girl Graysie get her food before trying to shove her way in. She just sits there patiently.

When you first get your Dropcam it comes with free streaming of your video, and two weeks of saving your videos to their cloud server. Since getting the Dropcam our free trial ended but I have decided to pay for the monthly service. Everything our Dropcam catches is saved to their cloud server and we can access at any point if we want or need it.

We mostly use our Dropcam to stalk our cats, just to make sure they’re behaving and not having mad parties while we’re gone. But I’ve heard of people using them for a baby monitor, security cameras and setting up a whole network of them. The possibilities are endless!

Dropcam is giving one of my readers their own Dropcam to call their own. Be sure to read how you can enter below.

How can you win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me where you would use your Dropcam for. If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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  1. I would use it for a few things… #1 as a baby monitor to check on my sleeping or not sleeping son. #2 as a nanny cam for when we have baby sitters so I can peek in on him.
    I’ve looked into this and I have been wanting to buy one for a while- so I would LOVE to win!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway 🙂

  2. I would use it in addition to our alarm system. Our neighbors were robbed while out and they had an alarm system. I would use the video cloud service to store everything so we could feel safer leaving home.

  3. To check on the kids and there hang outs to make sure everyone’s getting along and to keep on eye on things while we are out of town.

  4. i would use this in my house for after school, to watch what my kids are up to. they are home by them selves for about 2 hours and i never know what they are up to

  5. the city i live in there has been a lot of stealing and breaking into cars. even kidnapping. i wish every one has some type of camera put up to catch these suckers. I would def put this outside my drive thru where it will be able to capture my entrance, the outside of my house and the neighbors as well. Im sure they would appreciate that from me.

  6. I would love to have this to check in on my dog, Pippin and our parrot, Kaz throughout the workday. It would also be neat to talk to them!!! As an added bonus, you can keep watch on your house when you are away to make sure everything is ok.

  7. I would use this to try to determine what keeps making a scratching noise outside my window around 3AM. I know it must just be some sort of nocturnal animal, but I’d like to know exactly what it is and what it’s up to!

  8. This Dropcam would give me much needed peace of mind while we are gone for the Holidays. I love the idea of being able to check on our furbabies and talk to them as well. I think this is an awesome concept!

  9. My husband works out of town a lot and this would be great to have for security reasons so that I could keep a watch over everything that needs to be when I am alone with the kids.

  10. I would use it in my living room to find out who is doing weird things in the night. Not sure if I have a sleepwalker or a crazy cat.

  11. I would use it to keep an eye on our dog when we are away. We have found he loves to explore where he usually can’t go when we are at home. I would also use it for security reasons because we had a few issues with that this past Halloween.

  12. I would use this for when we are away from home to check and make sure the house is still up, for any break ins, and to check on my cats. It’d give me peace of mind.

  13. wow never heard of this before now what an amazing gadget. I’d use this for when I am working late nights to check in on my dog and make sure everything is okay at home

  14. I would aim it at my front yard.I had my car and house egged before.I also had some jewelery stolen out of my house while I was staying with my mom inn the hospital.

  15. We always blame the hound dog for chewing things up, but I would love to use this camera to know for sure. It really could be the chihuahua and the hound is just getting a bad rap.


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