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jabra tour review

Jabra Tour

More and more we’re hearing about accidents while driving because people are on their smart phones. It could be texting, playing on facebook, taking a selfie or even talking on their phone. Let’s face it – most of that can wait! Set your phone down, keep your hands on the wheel and if you have to talk on your phone – go wireless!

Jabra recently launched their Tour wireless speaker phone at AT&T Stores for safer communicating on the go. They sent me the new Tour to test out, and compare against some of their other models. Last spring I reviewed the Jabra Freeway, and I still use it in my car on a daily basis. It’s small, convenient and keeps my hands on the wheel.

Jabra Tour

The all new Jabra Tour has many of the same features but the overall design has been streamlined some. You can still connect multiple devices, use it to play your personal play list from your phone or internet radio, use it for GPS directions or the most obvious – talking on the phone.

Connecting with the Tour is as easy is it is with all of the new Jabra devices, just flip the switch and put your phone in search mode. You will be connected in no time and on your way to placing calls. A gentle touch of the call button lets you place a call or end it and volume is easier to find on the front of the device. A strong metal clip replaces an older plastic one and a smaller overall size means that the Tour is less likely to fight with your mirror when it’s on your visor.

Jabra Tour

The sound and range on the Jabra Tour is impressive. You have to be sure to turn it off when you leave your car and go into your house or your phone will still be connected to it.

The Tour is suppose to be for using in the car and while you’re on the go, but honestly my favorite place to use it is in the kitchen. I’m not worried about dropping my phone in the water as I do dishes, or craning my neck to hold a phone up. I’ve been using it as a speaker phone to chat with friends and family as I prep meals, and clean the house.

You can currently find the Jabra Tour at AT&T – snag one for a safer way to stay connected while you’re on the go.

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