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Dress Up Your Plants with Botanistix

botanistix reviewHaving plants in your home brings a bit of extra life and beauty. I’ve always wanted to have orchids, since they are some of the most beautiful flowers out there, but with our cats I’ve never taken the plunge. But it doesn’t matter what type of plant you have, if they need extra support the options aren’t very pretty. You can get wooden dowels, or pieces of bamboo but they don’t add to your decor or help you express your style. That is until the creation of Botanistix – jeweled and detailed plant stakes that bring beauty and style to your plant.

botanistix reviewEven though I don’t have orchids, my sister does – and despite her black thumb, she has raised some gorgeous orchids and keeps them in her home and at work. So when a couple of Botanistix arrived for us to review, I knew they would have a beautiful home to go into – and one of the Botanistix’s design was perfect for her style.

botanistix reviewThe Botanistix arrived in a flower box wrapped in both tissue paper and bubble wrap. When we opened the box for the first time we weren’t sure what type of design were on the Botanistix, but were very pleasantly surprised to see both a fashionable high heel shoe as well as a jeweled spider. All Botanistix can be ordered in 3 lengths and are made of sturdy aluminum. Depending on the design you choose, you may find feathers, thread or jeweled embellishments as well as the the featured jeweled item. The intention, other than to give your plant support is to add a little bit of glitter to your plants to help enhance their beauty.

botanistix reviewThe high heel Botanistix Floral Stake is honestly more my style instead of my sisters. It’s girly, features the shoe, a white pearlized orb and a bit of silver thread on the bottom part of the stake. It’s size is small, and it doesn’t overwhelm the plant or the orchid’s blooms. This gives the plant a hint of your own personality while also providing the support the flowers need.

botanistix reviewWhile it may not be everyone’s first choice, the jeweled spider Botanistix is absolutely perfect for my sister’s style and household. It’s a larger design than the shoe and also includes a large pearlized orb and some loose silver threads under the spider. It gives the stake a bit of a frayed look that matches more the spider’s design. Her orchids are watched over by the jeweled spider, who sits over the flowers and sparkles in the sun.

Botanistix are a beautiful addition to your plants, but aren’t just there to be pretty. They’re also there to support the plants and make sure they grow tall and strong. Botanistix Floral Stakes work great in orchids, amaryllis and poinsettias, but can be added to any plant in your home you want to add a little glitter to. You can find them online on the Botanistix website or even on Amazon, they would make the perfect gift for the plant lover in your life.

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