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mayan case review

mayan case reviewWhen we travel we rely more and more on our technology. I love my tablet, but it rarely goes out unless I’ve been traveling. The older Bluetooth keyboard case I have works, but I found it a pain to type on and work with on the go, so I’ve been looking for a more streamlined case that would work for my tablet, that would work and also fit my style and needs. Mayan Case sent me a case for my 7 inch tablet to review and to help me with my travels.

mayan case reviewMayan Cases are fabric wrapped cases for your technology. They are made with hand woven fabrics from Guatemala and used to cover cases for tablets, cell phones and laptop bags and even sleeves. The cases all incorporate the fun colored Mayan fabrics that have been made for generations and even centuries. All of the Mayan Case products fit industry standards and can fit most devices including Android, iOS and other brands.

mayan case reviewThe 7  inch Mayan Case came in bright red, black and orange and the fabric soft to the touch. You can see each individual thread in the woven fabric and the bottom where the magnetic closure is located is a soft leather material. Inside the case you will find four corner holders as well as two fixed straps on the interior so you can turn the case into a stand. The only thing that the Mayan Case did not have a spot for was a hole that allowed me to use the back camera on my tablet. However the tablet is easily accessible.

mayan case reviewWhen I first put my tablet in the case, I was a bit concerned that it was only being held on by the corners – my older case completely encased the tablet all the way around the sides. But placing the tablet in the tabs (that have a slight give) was easy and once it was in place, the tablet hardly moved. I was able to play games, browse online and even use it as an e-reader without the tablet getting out of the case. Probably one of my favorite features are the two different straps that help turn the case into a stand. You don’t need an additional stand to read your tablet, and you can choose which viewing angle is better for you. I found this was actually really handy while reading or watching a movie on a plane.

You can find a Mayan Case to fit your devices on their website and even a few on Amazon!

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