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tomorrowland DreamersTomorrowland is all about Dreamers and the impact that you can make in the world. We all are wishing we had our own Athena show up to and give us a pin that would zap us over to Tomorrowland. But what kind of Dreamer are you? There’s a fun quiz you can take with your child to see what kind of dreamer they are – and see what kind of change they can bring to the world.

The quiz is available online (check the right side bar) We took the test to see what kind of dreamer Goonie is. Your results could be Innovative, Professional, Humanitarian and Artistic Dreamers. I know exactly where I would fall on this list but where would an almost 7  year old end up?


Your child’s dreamer traits are agreeableness, caring and intelligence. He/she is empathetic and able to understand other people’s perspectives. Humanitarians usually love animals and are nurturing to younger siblings. They have a natural insight into how to make someone feel better. If your child is a healer, then he/she might become a doctor, social worker, nurse, teacher, veterinarian or work for a non-profit. Whatever your humanitarian decides to do, it will definitely be something that will allow him/her to connect with and help others. To nourish your young healer, get him/her involved in volunteering and giving back at a young age. Depending on other activities, it could be something you do once a year (like the soup kitchen on Thanksgiving) or every summer (like helping at the local animal shelter). Volunteering not only benefits the recipients, but also the volunteer. Some of the benefits of volunteering include enhancing positive well-being and potentially even higher grades in school.

This is a very good description of our Goon and the kind heart he has! Where our little dreamer will end up, only time will tell – but we do know he will make a lot of difference in the world.

If you want to find out what type of dreamer your child is, take the My Little Dreamer Quiz here, and afterwards there are some fun printable activities (available until November 23rd) for each Dreamer type, but they’re all fun no matter what type of dreamer you have.

For more information on Tomorrowland, you can visit their website and follow them on Facebook and Google+

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