Don’t Settle for Less in Your Holiday Cocktails

Dos Ron Rum Review

Dos Ron Rum Review

At every party over the holiday season, we like having a drink or two. But not all ingredients are made equally, and we refuse to compromise when we’re making our favorite cocktails. Since I’ve been old enough to drink, rum has been one of my go to drinks and the classic rum and Coke is one of my favorite drinks to order.

Dos Ron Rum ReviewWhile my go to is usually a Jamaican rum I’ve had in rotation for years, we were sent a bottle of Dos Ron 16 year rum from the Dominican Republic to try out. From the moment you open the bottle you can tell the difference. What sets Dos Ron apart? It is a clear amber colored rum that has slight hints of wood and a sweet sugary flavor. While it’s a bit strong on it’s on, it can be enjoyed on the rocks but brings a great flavor to mixed drinks if you want to test your favorite cocktail. Dos Ron is made with only the finest ingredients. Aged in special oak casks to ultimate perfection with flavor notes of vanilla, cherry, and dried fruit with a caramelized sweetness.

Aged 16 years, Dos Ron brings that extra element that cheaper and rums forget. You can taste the different layers of flavor in each sip and it brings your drink to the next level. There’s not reason to settle for less if you want to truly enjoy the flavor of your drinks. Dos Ron 16 Year Rum is now available at stores throughout Michigan, and now is the perfect time to get a bottle and invent your signature cocktail for the holiday season.

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