socks on the floor

Don’t let Dead Socks get in the Way!

Socks on the Floor
We have an issue in our house – there are socks dying every day. I found them left discarded on the floor, in blankets, in the bed, sometimes in the kitchen and even other times they’ve been thrown at my head…

Now, they don’t belong to me – since as soon as the outside temperature hits 60 degrees and sticks my feet have a seasonal allergy towards socks. I only wear them if I’m walking all day or it’s raining out. And the last time I’ve checked the cats haven’t started wearing socks. But they keep showing up.

The first thing I do most days when I get up is find a fresh pair of “dead socks” and toss them into the hamper (it’s usually within 20 feet).  But there are days I let the dead socks get in the way.

What do I mean? It’s the little things that get me distracted. Right now I have a huge “to do” list before we leave for the conference. This weekend I’ve spent a lot of time checking things off the list, doing laundry – organizing things. Things I want to get done before we hit the road next Saturday. But then I keep getting tripped up by the “dead socks”.

I’m out making dinner, finish the dishes as it cooks and figure I’ll move onto organizing something else. Instead I find that I have a stack of mail on the table and just have to go through it. I spend too much time figuring out what I want to keep and what I want to discard, what was originally on my list goes to the way side.

So this week my goal is to not let the dead socks get in the way. They may pile up, but really they’re the little things that are going to happen anyhow. Keep working on your list, take some time to get things done or relax. Either way -those dead socks and all those little things will still be there when your done. If you have a spare minute – toss them in the hamper or back at someone’s head – it will make you feel better :).

1 thought on “Don’t let Dead Socks get in the Way!

  1. This is my house but is shoes. Not my hubby’s but the kiddos. At any one time if you look around or under my bed there are at least 1 usually more of my daughters shoes.

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